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Our international expeditions are well-curated and executed. We have collaborations with acclaimed international universities and institutions in Europe, Australia and America. Our international educational expeditions are innovative and offer out-of-the-box experiences to the students. We offer end-to-end solutions like visa assistance, travel insurance, ticket bookings, accommodation, site seeing etc. Students can gain vast exposure and a lifetime experienced by participating in our programs.

Our Programs; some of them are international educational expeditions to various countries across the Globe. Our popular expeditions include education trips to America, Australia and Europe. Apart from these, we can also customize a destination as per your requirement.

We mainly offer 4 categories of educational tours for students. STEM tours, industrial visits, international expeditions and Care for a cause programs.

We have collaborated with a number of reputed organizations and universities in India and abroad. You can choose an industry and organization of your choice from the list.

STEM tour are for students, who wish to gain in-depth knowledge about the STEM subjects and how they are practically used. Our STEM tours also include fun filled activities, group learning activities, debates, competitions, personality development programs apart from the educational sessions. Children learn about the subjects of their choice in a relaxed and fun filled atmosphere.

Industrial visit are designed to provide experiential learning to children. They can visit different organizations and practically see how different activities are carried on. These programs help children to understand the demands of the industry and prepare themselves for the future.

We can customize our tour packages to suit the requirements of students from different age groups. contact our tour managers to create a customized excursion program, industrial visit or an international expedition for your students.

There are many travel companies that organize tours and excursions for school students. so it is a difficult task to choose the right company. Consider the reputation and expertise of the company is conducting educational trips, go through the various programs offered by the company and consider the costs. Choose a company that offers customized student tours at competitive prices. Also consider the safety measures in place when going for adventure activities.

Our STEM programs are designed to help students understand about the STEM subjects in a better manner by exposing them to various industries, where the STEM concepts are applied. We also conduct different activities that help to develop leadership and other interpersonal skills in the students through role plays and competitions. Our experienced coaches also impart knowledge about stress management, stability and other mental and psychological concepts through interactive games, team sports and group discussions.

Yes. You can enroll your students in our Regional Expedition – Architecture All India tour to understand and appreciate the rich cultural heritage of India. This trip covers all the important historical places such as Rajasthan and Mumbai in west India, Amritsar, Agra and Delhi in North India, Hyderabad in South India etc.

Educational tour helps students to inculcate life skills. Going out without their parents, on a school trip forces kids to come out of their comfort zone and become independent. Travelling with their peers and teachers helps them to develop interpersonal skills and forge deep bonds with their friends. Research proves that taking students on an educational trip helps to spark their imagination and develop interest in the topics taught in school and also Improve the bonding between students and their teacher.

  • How do you charge the price of your international trips? In Indian rupees or foreign exchange?
  • Do you customize international tours for our college students or only have mixed groups from different colleges?
  • Can you arrange girls-only educational trips?
  • Are there any concessions in the price of tour for the teachers accompanying the student?
  • What is the maximum and minimum strength of a batch to customize a tour program?
  • Do you have any concession offers for group booking?
  • Do you provide transport facility to transfer students from our premises the pickup point?
  • Are the kids allowed to carry their electronic gadgets during the trips?
  • Do you also organize day trips?
  • What are the different expenses included in the package cost? Will you give a detailed invoice with the share of each overhead included in the cost?
  • Are the students allowed to carry their mobile phones on the trip?
  • Do you share the details of where the kids would be accommodated and the detailed itinerary of the trip in advance?
  • If there is any emergency during the trip, how to contact your company?
  • How many chaperones escort the group during domestic and international tours?
  • Are our teachers allowed to accompany the students?
  • Do you have tie-ups with other tour companies ?
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