25 Best ways to encourage your child to be physically active

ways to encourage your child to be physically active

Healthy children sprint, dance, as well, as hop at about several hours each day. Nowadays, numerous kids spend long periods by just sitting before devices. The curriculum involving technologies can lead to bad lifestyles. Instead, consider these 27 ways to encourage physical activity. These are very easy ways to incorporate activity and workout into every day. Any of these could be achieved in the living space, including in close city dwellings.

Ways to encourage your child to be physically active:

1. Go camping or a picnic:

Be it is your backyard or a local picnic area, camping helps your kids experience the world with their hands. You can look for the list of camping sites that could fuel your child’s enthusiasm. Outdoor recreation not only encourages youngsters to understand the importance of nature, but it also keeps them physically active to a great extent.

2. Promote productive work:

There are several ways your children will get interested in productive work during the vacation, be it by visiting an older relative, helping at a community or service center, or beginning their new internship.

3. Support them pursue different sports:

Once your kids are grown up enough, help them pursue a creative sport! You can enroll them in any local sports center. This is an ideal way to keep them fit and healthy. The variety in the games will not let them get bored with their routine sports activities.

4. Visit community tours as well as events:

Consider visiting a few of the numerous festivals and events activities that are happening in nearby areas all summer long. While electronic gadgets tend to lead many young children to invest very little time outside, visiting various community tours and events are fun and an active way of spending time with other kids.

5. Find the nearest library recreation services:

These days, many libraries provide summer reading activities. We will like to encourage you to visit the nearest library and speak to the workers regarding the type of reading your child should do. It will keep your child engaged throughout the vacation and help your kid learn new vocabulary through amazing fun reading activities. 

6. Visiting the local beach:

Arranging a vacation to a location of water, sand, as well as adventure, would be a delight for the entire family. 

You can ask your kids to assist you with the packing of snacks. This will help them be active, but it will become easy for them to learn to be responsible. 

7. Begin their first swimming classes:

The months of summer are considered the perfect time to encourage your children to get swimming lessons. Swimming is the best physical activity for 5-6-year-olds. Several nearby centers give youngsters opportunities to practice. 

8. Going for catching fish:

If you are looking for how to encourage a child to participate in an activity, it might be an excellent way to set your kids off for vacation. Fishing tends to help the kids appreciate the outdoor activities and interact with the natural environment.

9. Participate in charity:

Get your kids listed in sports activities and clubs at the beginning of the section to start practicing valuable skills. Try to ensure it is also enjoyable enough. Sign up for your kid’s sport or group.

10. Keeping involved in sports:

Enter community sports events and invite the children to join and encourage them in those games or competitions. This is how to make a lazy child active.

11. Add holiday adventure:

The parents should add some adventure during vacation. An active vacation spot with something like a mountain road or lake nearby can encourage your kids to be active.

12. Walk to the parks:

Play with your child outdoors. It will motivate them to become more involved. About twenty minutes every day, introduce your kids to interact with the green planet. Go out to a park to play.

13. Cycling with friends:

Teach your kid to cycle. Cycling is among the most important physical activities for 5-6-year-olds. It will help them to take the opportunity to be physically active. Whichever task your children prefer, spending time with nature can be effective.

14. Offer your child Friends Time:

Your children will be much more involved when sharing time with family and friends than when alone. To encourage child development physical activity, offer your kid the chance to play basketball or enjoy a tagging match with their buddies.

15. Setting the best example:

You will be the kids’ great inspiration by keeping fitness a focus of your lifetime. Young kids who see their parents more active physically help them indulge in different activities more quickly.

16. Active time with the family:

Educate your child regarding the value of fitness, and demonstrate to them your dedication by keeping a daily workout scheme. Incorporate the kids into the workout regimen. Take a stroll after meals as a team, or take the kids on holiday for hiking.

17. Pets know how to make a lazy child active:

Welcome an active pet as a part of your family. You can adapt to your child’s favorite pet from the nearby shelter. Not only will this help your child to love animals, but it will also give your kids a genuine reason to go for a walk. In this way, they will also love to spend some time outside the house with the pet.

18. Figure out an amusing game:

Allow your kids to discover a recreation they love. The more they start enjoying the game, the more often they would look forward to participating. Engage the whole family in it. It is indeed nice to catch up together. Not just grown-ups require physical activity. Kids also require to stay active and energetic. Youth fitness is not restricted to repetitive actions or coordinated tasks.

19. Planning physical activities for kids beforehand: 

Your kid must get a suitable opportunity to work out or play. Decorate the activity area with many inspiring flyers and photos. Parents should try to incorporate different activity habits to encourage young children to be physically healthy. Before motivating the kid to indulge in a healthy lifestyle, try to determine how much hours they devote to regular exercise.

20. Giving engaging games:

When children are young, they don’t realize the value of being involved. Young children need a quick and easy introduction to hoops, jumping rings, and other engaging games to actively participate in games.

21. Always avoid overdoing things:

Once your kids begin, try to remind them to pay attention to their brains. Activity or recreation shouldn’t be harmful to the body. If discomfort happens, the child can calm down or attempt the less intensive activity. Like any sport, it is crucial never to overdo that as well. When activity begins to overlap with education or other events, consult with your kid’s doctor.

22. Set limitations by endorsing DIY practices:

We would highly recommend that parents try and restrict as much digital time possible every day, like watching television, phones, and playing with games consoles. Encourage child development physical activity by using spare time for DIY operation. You should offer DIY ideas to create something they’d love to do.

23. Don’t restrict your toddler:

Your toddler always wants plenty of spontaneous activity opportunities in a controlled, supportive play setting. Instead, restrict the toddler’s lack of activity, e.g., try not to leave your kid on the car seat for over 60 minutes a day.

24. Motivate your 3-4-year-olds to move their body:

Encourage physical activities for 3-4-year-olds by grabbing, jumping, trying to drag, applying pressure, or training to maneuver their hands, legs, as well as different body parts. Place a toy/gadget out of their reach. It will encourage them to exert maximum efforts to extend and grab it.

25. Play Home games to encourage kids to be active:

Activities such as painting and solving puzzles support the child’s general growth. It would help if you promoted fun games like the building structure by joining construction blocks and playing puzzles while sitting on the floor. It’ll train their imaginative power as well.

26. Involve kids in performing household chores:

Toddlers, as well as young children, will often love the regular exercise that makes their mother and father perform household tasks. It is very easy to encourage toddlers’ physical activity when you get them to be involved in tasks like moving clothing from the washing machine to the laundry basket, loading the refrigerator, or watering in the garden. It is because they want to play a part as their parents.


Incorporate all these suggestions for your children to help them to execute their favorite activities. Your children will enjoy selecting the small tasks off the checklist, and you will now find plenty of ideas to bounce back while you’re searching for inspiration for the week or holidays. We aim to include experiences that fulfill their requirements and provide them with a pleasant life lesson.

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