4 Types of Parenting And Their Pros and Cons

4 Types of Parenting And Their Pros and Cons

Parenting is a tight rope walk. It involves a lot of struggles and sacrifices with the need to handle various types of parenting methodologies.

Parents of today’s generation are overwhelmed with the whole process of parenting. As a result, they are struggling to be perfect and cool parents, while there is nothing as such. 

Every parent has a different approach to address the demands of parenting today, and each of us is right in our own way. But in the end what matters is whether we are able to raise happy and healthy children, who are confident and can overcome the obstacles of life.

Your style of parenting has an important role to play in the development of the child. It affects many areas of their life such as school performance, social skills, confidence, and behavior. Read on to know about different styles of parenting and identify your style.

Parenting can be classified into four broad styles. These styles are categorized depending on 2 factors, namely responsiveness, and authoritativeness. A combination of these 2 factors determines your style of parenting. Understanding different styles of parenting will help you to assess the pros and cons of each style. You can choose a style or a combination of styles that works to overcome the challenges of parents in the present scenario

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Types of Parenting


4 Types of Parenting And Their Pros and Cons


As the name suggests authoritarian parents are very strict. They have clearly stated rules, and expect 100% obedience from the child. Authoritarian parents do not believe in the process of discussion. They lay down the rules and the child has to follow them. Children of Authoritarian parents often tend to be timid and lacking in self-confidence and spontaneity. Sometimes children resort to defiant behavior, lying, etc. to protect themselves from the wrath of the parents. 

Such type of parenting does not help to meet the demands of parenting today. It does not help to raise children who are responsible and trustworthy. Children rebel against authoritarian parents as they feel invaluable and unloved. They lack social skills and may grow up to be depressed and anxious adults


4 Types of Parenting And Their Pros and Cons

Authoritative parents exert authority and control, but they are also open to discussion whenever required. They try to balance their own need for control with the child’s need for independence. This type of parent is demanding and responsive at the same time. They want to groom children to be responsible and self-reliant young adults. 


4 Types of Parenting And Their Pros and Cons

Permissive parents are highly responsive and warm.They have few expectations from the children. They want the child to be self- reliant and have self-regulation. These parents are generally more lenient, avoid confrontation, and believe in the freedom of expression.

We can observe that most of these parents try to be friends with their children. They give in to the demands of the kids easily and hardly ever control them. Some of these parents are confused about dealing with the demands of pre-adolescent and teenage children. They prefer to provide the kids with everything they ask for to avoid chaos and fighting at home. 

Children of permissive parents grow up feeling entitled and lack adjustment. They rebel against the parents, when they try to exert some control at later stage. However, children of permissive parents have high self-esteem, good social skills and self-regulation.

While this style of parenting is not completely unacceptable, finding the right balance is the key. You have to balance between acting as a parent and as a friend. Remember that children have friends but they need a gentle and loving parent, to guide them in the right direction. 


Uninvolved parents are neither responsive nor demanding. They give absolute freedom to the child and are not at all involved in the child’s life. These parents are indifferent to the child’s need of love and care. Extreme form of this style may border towards neglect.

The children of uninvolved parents most often resolve to risky behaviors to attract the attention of their parents. With no parental supervision, these children may lean towards violence, substance abuse, addiction etc.  

After analyzing different styles of parenting, researchers opine that children of authoritative parents turn out to be responsible adults. children of authoritative parents are confident, self-regulated, adjust well, and believe in freedom of expression. Authoritative parenting style is best suited to face the demands of parenting today, where children are exposed to more and more evils such as social media, abuse, bullying, etc.

No matter what style of parenting you believe in, you should always show love, empathy, care and respect towards your child. You should work towards creating a connection with the child and build rapport with them. This will enable the child to confide in you about their fears and other issues, which are the main reason for indifferent behavior. Look for ways to provide them with experiential learning about their body, their surroundings, and the world at large. This will broaden their horizon and enable them to learn new skills. Spend time with children and practice what you preach. 


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