Travel Coordinator- Why do you need one to organize your student tour?

Student tour

Travel Planning is a big task and it requires a mix of organizational and planning skills. Student tour is even more of a task, given how student safety and security are of paramount importance. So before you go off organizing an entire tour by yourself, have you considered taking the aid of a Travel Coordinator?

Who is a Travel Coordinator?

A Travel Coordinator is a person in charge of your tour. This person handles everything from the research for which places to visit, to logistics and bookings. This means that you don’t have to worry about every single detail of the trip on top of your duties towards the students. Here, at Pencil Voyages, our travel coordinators undertake multiple responsibilities. Take a look at why you need to avail a Travel Coordinator now-

Pockets are better without holes

Student tours, by the virtue of them being for students, have a tight budget. At the same time, it is important that the comfort of the students is not compromised. Travel Coordinators ensure that your students avail the best experiences while traveling without burning a hole in any pockets.

Travel Coordinator- Why do you need one to organize your student tour?

Devil is in the Details

How many students will be traveling? On what dates is the tour to take place? How many Guardians/Chaperones/Teachers are to travel along? Does everyone have the necessary document? What is the itinerary? How are the accommodations assigned? These details are dizzying and there are countless others that you need to keep a track of. But Travel Coordinators will guide you through everything and you can focus your attention back on the students.

Activities around the world

Student tours are not like adult vacations. Just taking them to exotic locations is not enough. They are bubbling with energy and want to do a lot. So as to keep this energy concentrated on being constructive, a positive approach to activities is necessary. Coordinators will help you plan and execute these activities on the tour so that your students are engaged and reap the most benefits out of the tour.


It is understandable that security would be your utmost priority during student tours. We help you find the safest destinations and the most secure accommodations, in order to ensure a perfect trip. What more? Parents can breathe a sigh of relief as their children have a fun time on the tour.

The primary concern- FUN

It is important that student tours are educational in nature. But the most important concern is that they need to be fun. Students bring their own energy to any activity, it is important that we encourage it and we ensure just that. Our services are aligned to ensure that every single tour is a fulfilling experience for the students.

If you want to plan a hassle-free tour with no logistic concerns or last-minute adjustments, you may want to look into finding yourself a travel coordinator. That way, you can focus on your students, while we focus on the tour.

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