Things you should know before sending your children to robotics summer camps

robotics summer camp

Summer is a crucial time for kids and so do for parents.  On approaching summer, most of the parents usually line up activities for kids to make them busy. Especially, for working parents, this is a good opportunity to ensure their work schedule and their kids are in proper sync.

Witnessing a lot of inquiries for summer camps, this article has got all the good reasons to pen down all about summer camps in detail and will talk about specific summer camps here – Especially Robotics summer camps.

Why Summer Camps Are Important?

Young minds have so much curiosity. Summer is the right time to channelize that energy in the right direction hence a robotic summer camp can be a good choice for your kid. Hundreds and thousands of kids every year attend STEM camps and Robotic summer camps and their parents have witnessed tremendous development and growth. These camps are specifically designed that offer an opportunity for your kids to grow into independent and brilliant thinkers. The usual routine of your kids includes school and extracurriculars with minimal activities and the burden of education doesn’t allow them to explore their potentials at their best.

Robotic camps for kids teach them to communicate using the language of science which is crucial in today’s education. The camps focus on various STEM level concepts along with encouraging social skills. Children will have fun during this time while learning science and AI concepts alongside STEM-based knowledge which will hugely benefit in their career ahead.

How Robotic Summer Camp will Benefit Your Kid

Robotic camps / STEM camps are ideal for 7 -11-year-old children. By this time your kids are able to know and grasp the science and mathematical concepts completely. Also, this is the right time to let curiosity in the right direction. 

Your children will develop early science and problem-solving skills. Robotic summer camps will let your kids teach the right way to problem-solving which is a requirement for STEM-related careers. Especially when the kids are given the opportunity to explore this at an early age, they will be always a step ahead in their academics. By the time they are in high school, they will have a good science-oriented fundamental foundation and have a better understanding of various scientific methods and practices. These problem-solving skills will aid them in every aspect of their lives.

On a Robotics summer camp, campers will involve your children in:

  • Building early problem solving and science skills.
  • Fun to explore everyday science lessons with concepts that stimulate different parts of the brain. This will help your kids to discover how to work in a team and do brainstorm together.
  • It teaches them scientific and technological verticals that schools do not explore deep.
  • Your kids will learn new ways of experimenting with concepts of robotics
  • Early exposure to robotics will pay off as they grow. Also, robotic camp trainers will be involving your kids in projects so that they can continue to build, create, and test robots even at home to make them evolve along with their curiosity.
  • Furthermore, kids will build their social skills along with learning robotic concepts at camp.
  • Children will be working together on robotic experiments which not only helps in expanding their horizons but creating and seeing them work in action is a priceless experience.
  • Parents of the shy kids usually witness their kids being open with their peers discussing and talking about science.

So, now that you know how beneficial it will be for your kids to join a robotics camp. Here are a few things to know before sending your children to robotic summer camps:

Expanding Horizons – Things To Know Before You Send In Your Kids

It brings Science out of the classrooms

Robotics summer camps foster a love for science, math, and technology. The lessons and the concepts taught here are different from what your kids learn at school. The way of making them learn and bringing awareness towards the concept, etc. Most importantly, there is no testing/assessment . Your child feels less pressured and burdening. This helps them to tap into their natural desire to learn robotics. Not just robotics, but video game development, to engineering STEM subjects your child is able to see and experience a different world of science and its impacts. Instead of reading, let your children meet their peers and experience the fun way of learning robotics.

It makes learning science a fun

Some kids are born enthusiastic when it comes to absorbing scientific concepts. Since they are curious they automatically gravitate towards technology and science.

Robotics summer camps are focused on engineering and technology concepts for which science is the foundation. Having enrolled in one of these camps will remove the hesitation and fear factor that a typical classroom has.

By working in groups, your kids will relieve from their pressure. It is a fun to learn science in such an environment where there is no peer pressure or awkward moments of giving wrong answers.

Your child does not have to enter a STEM/Robotic career

Your kid’s interest in joining a robotic summer camp could be just out of curiosity or just to have some fun with friends. Children who sign up for robotic camps do not have to compulsorily become programmers. However, the training they get for the camp cannot be overlooked. It plays a vital role in molding them as self-made individuals.

Kids who have been going to Robotic summer camps are the ones who have developed 21st-century skills that will eventually help them to thrive.

Introduction to programming

Some children are fascinated by engineering and science and love taking risks. When your kid is little, you have done your best by introducing them to various facets of life at an early age. Programming is a complex and much intricate field of choice that if preferred by your kid, needs to be introduced at the right age. This will help them to form a correct foundation.

Once your kid enrolls in robotic camps, they get to know and experiment with various concepts of programming, engineering, and science. There will be a lot of fun with so many group activities with other kids. This way they don’t even realize that they are engaging themselves in programming and who knows they may become great computer programmers.

An opportunity to get out of their comfort zone

By spending a part of their summer in unfamiliar surroundings, your kids become confident at an early age. Besides, this is a perfect opportunity to break the ice – to make new friends especially if they are introverts since robotic activities involve teamwork.

Academically they are wiser

A single visit to a robotic summer camp can induce a good dose of STEM subjects making them wiser academically. Today most of the educators are putting emphasis on attending such camps as it helps kids to focus on their creative scientific imagination incorporating newer ways to learn technology.

Not all schools have been equipped well to carry on robotic classes. Hence, attending a robotic camp will not let your child feel left out. The camps will provide them ample opportunities to explore scientific elements using creative ways to make their project.

Robotic camps will boost confidence

You may feel that how come a camp attended for a short duration can help. But teachers have witnessed a positive side of this, kids who have attended STEM/Robotic camps come back with confidence which helps them stay ahead throughout the year in the school.

This allows kids who struggled in math and science subjects during the school year to catch up by compensating. Few hours daily at camp will help them to stay on top of math and science skills.

Spending a few weeks at the camp will teach them about technology, science, and much more than a typical classroom. Thus, helping your children succeed academically boosting their confidence from the knowledge they have gained.

The camp is beneficial of all abilities and ages

Most of the parents are only interested in enrolling their kids in the robotic camp once they are at a certain age. Typically speaking around 8 or 9, well it is a myth. If your kid is showing interest in science concepts at an early age, robotics camps are there to welcome them and explore upon their interest.

Also, There are robotic summer camps that appreciate kids with disabilities signing up for the camp. Robotic camps benefit all kids irrespective of their ages, learning levels, and kids with a disability – it is just enthusiasm which matters.

Girls too can attend robotic camps

It is a myth that girls rate their abilities markedly lower than boys. If your daughter is interested in technology, science, and math concepts, robotics camps can be hugely beneficial in piquing interest. By building your daughters’ confidence early through STEM and Robotic camp programs parents can help them pursue their passion for science and math career.

It helps them to have clarity about their career ahead

Today prestigious careers require having math and scientific knowledge and skills. Introducing science and engineering concepts at an early will give these young minds an added advantage.

Even though for a brief period, having hands-on experience with engineering-related activities will enhance with crucial knowledge. As a result, your child will have better clarity when it comes to choosing careers. Robotic summer camps are not any summer camps but also career exploring drills.

The age is just a number – Camp for PreK kids

It is never too early to encourage engineering curiosity in your kids. There are camps that take in young kids like PreK kids however they are mostly accompanied by their parents. If you are thinking to have fun along equipped with some learning this is the best way to indulge your kids.

The PreK kids will get to know what school will feel like and help develop their social skills. Your kids are easy in adopting the new school environment. It is less intimidating for them to adjust to school.

The camp helps find them inspiration

The idea of letting your kids join robotic summer camp is to let them know that math and science subjects are interesting. These subjects play a vital role in simplifying our daily lives. This way your kids will get inspired and excited to learn and grow from their learning experiences.

Some good Career Options can unfold with their Robotics Journey

Kids at the robotic summer camps learn to code, basic level programming, motor controls, touch sensor, and other relevant engineering concepts.

On a higher-level side, campers learn to custom design the robots, program the line-follower robot, and the sounds. This is an advanced level where your kids are taught in-depth concepts of programming, moving motors drills, etc.

Depending on their interest in robotic engineering they can choose to become:

Robotics Engineer

It mostly focuses on building a customized robot that moves, plays the sound, and act upon sensors.

Robotics Programmer

The field is all about programming the robot. Building a versatile robot that can function accordingly.

Visual Programmer

Blends visual robot design concepts with strong programming skills.

Robot Designer

This field specifically focusing on designing part. They are pro-people who loves creativity and put out that while designing robots.

Display Designer

How a robot interacts with the people, how it takes up the order, and function is all about display designer.  It more of an AI concept which your kid will be pursuing.

Audio Engineer

It lets the robot dance, sing, talk to the people.

Final Thoughts

 The fields of robotics are here to stay. They are becoming every day of our lives. Enrolling your children into robotic summer camp is a great way of laying a strong career foundation for the future.

 Robotics is an ever-evolving field that will be never extinct. The world of robotics is amazing, exciting, and fascinating. Having your child in such STEM or Robotic camp programs can open a lot of opportunities. The camps have highly qualified trainers who have extensive experience in science, technology, and robotics.

 Connect with them to educate, engage, and empower your child into becoming tomorrow’s innovative change maker. Sign up today. For more details visit our website.

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