Survival camp – How can it train your children grow stronger.

survival camp

Getting children interested in outdoor bushcraft and survival skills has been one of the major goals of my career, and there is a lot of evidence that outdoor activities are enormously beneficial to young growing kids. If you are looking to enroll your teenage kids into survival camp, it is important that you too know what kind of camping it is.

What Is A Survival Camp?

Survival camping is all about living with the very basic, using available resources sensibly away from the confines of closed walls.

Though we do not think of it as such, our day to day lives is lived with comforts and luxuries.  In a survival camp, one learns to use survival camping gear and travel with essentials. Along with a tiny dose of self-discipline and developing the ability to manage on your own in challenging situations, this adventure in nature is one of the best ways to experience nature at close quarters as well.

On top of benefits to the kids is it enhances the mental health, wellbeing, confidence, and the fact that increased exposure to nature and the outdoors can help children develop an appreciation of nature and the environment.

The survival camp is about coordination between survival skills and the safety, resistance, and capability of those children when taking part in potential emergency situations. Maybe with limited survival camping kit and accessories

How Will A Survival Camp With Train Your Kid To Become Stronger

We are living in a day and age when children are becoming obese. They are losing their immunity power and prone to various illnesses at a very young age. With less stamina than children from previous generations, they aren’t able to do any physical chores anymore and spend far too much time swiping and prodding at iPads and phones.

Your kid learns to master the art of team building and leadership

Good leadership is about jumping in and standing out as a doer. The skill needs to be developed. Be it in pitching tents or gathering naturally available resources, the kids here at the camp will be trained and then after that even pass on this learning to others to help them progress. These skills, when developed and honed, can help a lot more in professional or personal settings. Team building and leadership activities can tap into otherwise unseen pioneers in your organization or home. It adds to a sense of satisfaction and takes you a step closer to more successes in many aspects of life.

An Experience In Wilderness

Learning the basics of surviving the great outdoors involves many skills. From the knowledge of knowing where to obtain food in the wild, emergency medical treatment to working as a team, this camping will allow your kids to experience the thrill of living far from the generally well-accustomed urban settings where we have access to dedicated resources for these.

It is a wonderful means to build on innate ingenuity and learn from experienced guides. It leaves your kids refreshed with improved ability to think and act quickly.

Camp helps with mental stimulation & physical activity

Many of us probably also feel that kids don’t get enough physical activity during the summer months as well.

Survival Camp can get kids going, both mentally and physically. The camp will allow kids to get off of couches and into courses that teach them how to make tents, cook own food, how to light the fire and more instead of simply playing. Camp will also allow for physical activity no matter their camp of choice.

It Sharpens The Skills At Survival Camp

Skills like living under makeshift shelters/tents or cooking or procuring own food make one self-dependent. It focuses on living with essentials and is a fun exercise in teamwork as it requires making the best of individual talents as a group.

Enrolling your kid in a survival camp is an excellent opportunity for those who like adventure and learn skills like determining a good camping spot, learning to appreciate and live with other life forms, read directions while doubling up as a refreshing break from the daily grind.

Your child will discover the wild side through Survival Camping. The camping brings you an opportunity to work on your own personality in an exciting way in the lap of Mother Nature. Far from the daily grind, get to know another side of your child.

It Teaches You New Type Of Friendship-building

Campers at survival camp who interact with like-minded peers are able to easily build friendships like a lifelong friendship rooted in similar interests. These relationships can lead to even more, as the participants are essentially networking, and have names to call on when it comes to doing a side project, finding an internship, or even starting a new business with the friend they met at camp.

Learning New Skills

Think about giving your child giving a week or more immersed in learning survival skills like lighting a fire, cook their own food, picking veggies and fruits from the wilderness, building their own tent and so on. Plus, kids and teens are able to really get out of their comfort zone to take some risks with their skills, without the looming fear of failure and resulting repercussions.

Preparing hypothetically

Survival camps teach participants to respond to getting lost in the woods by considering the following:

How long can you survive without air – 3 minutes

Without warmth -3 hours

Limited water- 3 days

Away from food – 3 weeks

The camp is designed for children in 4rth grade and above. The kids learn how to collect material to build a shelter, find food and dig a solar still to create a water supply. Each of the camper’s camp survival kit is equipped with a backpack with necessary items that can be used in a survival situation, such as aluminum foil, a flashlight, a compass, rope, fire-starting materials, and other items.

Survival camps teach that the brain is our greatest asset and show the kids how to use their own intelligence to survive.

Survival Camp Reinforces Empowerment and Independence

Even if you think your kids are independent, nothing brings out and tests that independence more than giving them time away on their own.

Without their parents around, who is going to make your child’s decisions? Who is going to tell them to brush their teeth? Make the bed? Manage their time? At survival camp, they do it themselves.

The camp lets children to truly understand the thought that goes into making a good decision and will discover even more about themselves in the process. Furthermore, the children will also lean on peers for support, if they do need additional help and learn from them. There are a number of other life skills kids and teens can establish at camp, too.

The Camp Brings Creativity

At camp, your children get to try new things, like creating their own game which in itself is a success.

Creativity can’t be repressed at camp because campers do not have to worry about getting grades neither there is any competition. It is only when kids are free of such restrictions that their creativity can flourish.

The Camp Instills Gratitude & Appreciation

The time spent away from home helps kids grow as an individual. They begin to appreciate their home, their parents, their belongings, a meal cooked by mom or dad, and everything else they don’t have at camp. The survival camp has a deeper impact on the kids as most of the parents have witnessed their kids of being grateful and appreciate the small gesture in life. This definitely takes shape at camp.

Final Thoughts

 If you regularly send your kids to camp, now you have a few new benefits to look out for and harvest in your children.

If you send your son or daughter to the survival camp to have fun, that is great. But also try and prep them beforehand to ensure they maximize their ability to attain the benefits above.

And last, if you haven’t yet sent your child to camp, and you’re wondering what survival camp does for kids, hope this article will help you in your future planning.

Next step? Just think about camp differently. For more details connect with us.

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