Top 17 Summer Camp Activities Giving Your children an Awesome Experience

Summer Camp Activities

There exist several Summer Camp Activities for the students helping to fulfill their desires of entertainment and learning simultaneously. The organizations involved in taking care of the children’s wellness appropriately schedule such programs especially during the vacations. It lets the students enjoy the extent of their involvement with others and maximize the experience of vacations.

An increased number of student’s inclination is obvious during the holidays. Students want themselves to be connected with the programs and accordingly get in touch with such organizations. In addition to the outdoor touring, Pencil Voyages takes care of the versatile range of indoor games and keeps on organizing a well-scheduled set of activities.

The team building activities and games act as the greatest tools to make the students work together energetically. Simultaneously, it develops their listening capability, communication ability, and creative thinking based activities. The students get in touch with each other’s behavior resulting in healthy communication for a long time period. It also develops mutual trust as a community with fun.

List of Summer Camp Activities for an Awesome Entertaining and Wholesome Learning Experience:

Art Reproduction Puzzle:

Pencil Voyages is habitual in organizing such events where the students are divided into groups of six, eight or even more. The team is provided with an image and empty pieces of white card stock. Each team is told to cut the image into exactly the same number of pieces as that of the group member.

Every single player takes one piece of the image and develops it over the black pieces of cards with a pencil, colored pencil or even markers. After creating the piece of the puzzle, the team members will switch the same again with another team and solve the puzzle. The game is exciting, knowledgeable and inspiring for boosting up the intelligence level.

Detective Game:

The game is really exciting for students of all age groups. They are told to stand in a circle and the one detective student steps outside. The leader is selected for motion and he starts the activity by tapping the head top while the other students follow him. The students lying in the hallway follow the instructions and return to the room.

The chosen student now change his motion and go ahead by clapping is hand (for instance). The detective will now point out the leader with three available guesses. Again, another leader and detective are selected for the next gaming round.


This indoor activity maximizes the student’s joy by making them entertained and wholesome learning experience. Students are instructed to sit inside their circle at their own desks. The concerned teacher starts with the first line of the story. For instance, long long ago, there was a shepherd.

Accordingly, each and every student starts adding the next line to the story with added details. The story remains incomplete until the participation of every single student. It is really very exciting for indoor activity loving students and teachers to even enjoy their best.

Mingle, Mingle Groups:

The activity is loved by the kids where they are told to mill about the room. They whisper in a slow tune, Mingle, Mingle, Mingle. The teacher is free to call out a group of members usually three or more.

The target is to make a different group of members every single time. If the student desires to join the already partnered group, the process becomes a little complex and few rearrangements are required for continuation of the game. We most often organize this game for value-added attention.

Group Hop:

To play the game, it is required to make a group of four to six members for continuing the game. Dedicated communication, coordination, and stability are required for long-lasting members interest. The students of every single group are told to stand in a straight line and keep their right hand on the shoulder of the front person.

The left leg is necessary to keep forward so that the person standing ahead can hold the ankle. The group further notices how far they can hop all along without getting toppled. After noticing the hang of hoping, the competition can be kept on hold and winners are analyzed.

Body Parts:

The teacher calls out a body part and the students mingle around the classroom until getting the call. For instance, ‘six knees’, soon after getting the call, the students form a group of six knees nearest to them.

Accordingly, they join one single knee each or even the group of two but both knees altogether. The student who is never a part of the group calls for the next round of the competition.

Human Alphabet:

You might have noticed such activities during the events organized at school or college levels as well. During independence or republic day like events, students are most often noticed with the alphabets like structures.

Similar is the case with this game as well. However, a large space is required for creating alphabets. For instance, soon after getting the call to create a letter ‘T’, the students follow up immediately. The next thing which follows is to create small letters like so, dog, cat, etc. The challenge increases with an increase in the number of letters simultaneously.

Applause, Please Game:

It is required to make a group of three to five students and one of them is instructed to step out of the classroom. The rest of the members picks up an object, for instance, a pencil and tells the outsider student to find the same.

As soon as the outsider student steps inside, the remaining classroom student starts finding the object. The remaining student never lets the finder to know the missing object. But, they indicate him with applause to move ahead in the right direction.

If the finder is too far from the concerned object, the group will start clapping slowly. However, the finder will be indicated with quicker, louder and faster applause when the finder gets much closer to the missing object.

Caterpillar Indoor Game:

The group of students takes the form of caterpillar and the target is to collect most of the objects on the way. The end player in the line steps ahead inside the hoop with the immediate front player. The players immediately pick up the vacant hoop and pass it crossing overhead in the front of the line.

Soon after getting, the front player puts up the hoop over the ground and steps into it. Every single player moves the caterpillar accordingly and keeps on shifting forward. The front player has the authority to pick up the objects but an entire team’s effort is required to move along with the collected object throughout the game.

Golf Ball Trampoline Game:

To move ahead with the game successfully, it is required to divide the class into teams of six or eight players. Provide every single team with a big bedsheet with various slit cuts over it. The students hold firmly the bed sheet and scatter the sheet out keeping it tight.

They then put up the golf ball at the center of the bedsheet without letting it fall through any one of the slits. If any of the team fails to protect their balls from falling through the slit, they are put out of the game. They are allowed to sit until there remains only one team at the end. Finally, the team mixes up and starts the game again for continued entertainment.

All Abroad:

The students are divided under a group of six or eight different people. Jump ropes are required to carry forward the game. Each of the group forms a circle with the jump ropes over the ground in the way that the ends are touching to each other.

All the members of every single get inside the lifeboat followed by the act of switching out all the players to reduce the circle’s size by one foot. Again, entire players get inside the boat and the procedure continues again and again.
The lifeboat gets smaller and smaller after every single attempt. Pencil Voyages knows the student’s desire to play this game and accordingly follows up to meet their desires.

Singing Songs ‘Antakshari’:

We all have already played this game of entertainment during our student life. Yet we love to play this film song singing game during leisure and enjoy our level best. This activity provides an awesome entertainment and wholesome learning experience by memorizing the songs with the exact tune.

The student’s hesitation of singing publically vanishes out and accordingly the level of confidence boosts up. It is one of the most loved indoor activities of the students everywhere.

Eye Contact:

The game takes up at least 10 students for participation in the first round. One player keeps eye contact with another player without any indications or sounds. The first player gives a signal meaning ‘go’. Accordingly, player 2 says go and the player 1 starts moving for taking their place inside the created circle.

The goal of the game is to time every single player’s command letting every player making space for the others at the same time period. After completing the first round, it becomes necessary to switch out the game so that every single player gets a chance to play the game.

Marshmallow-and-toothpick challenge:

The total number of students gets divided into groups of equal numbers. Every single group gets a marshmallow and the wooden toothpicks to initiate the process.

The group creates the tallest, eye-catching and the most attractive piece under the given time period. After final construction, the group describes their entity prepared with dedicated efforts. The best creation is rewarded for consistent encouragement and happiness.

All My Friends:

This game is the quickest and easiest way of noting down the student’s interests. The game starts by having a student from the circle. One of the students stands up in the middle and says, “All my friends like………..”, fill in the blanks.

Any of the students simultaneously enjoying will have to switch the spots with another person under the circle similar to that of the musical chair. The student grabbed without the spots proceeds to go in the middle and speaks up the sentence like, “All my friends…….” and the process starts up once again.

Hey, Me Too:

The game’s motto is to point out the common among the various students under the group. The student uses emoji’s plates for auction paddles and a large popsicle stick moves around for further processes.

The students sit comfortably at their assigned desks or chairs. The teacher immediately sounds for a trait among the students just like curly hairs, or something other.

The students accordingly put up their individual paddles. The teacher gives students a fraction of a minute to take notes and look around. The game continues with the similar nature again.


A sound mind resides under the sound body. Above all, we at Pencil Voyages give adequate importance to the physical activities. Regular aerobic exercises keep the students engaged and simultaneously enjoy the freedom of indoor gaming like an act.

The organizations with a continuation over a similar range of processes should dedicatedly focus on the student’s fitness. Above all, anything either studies or the activities are possible only after being fit and fine physically. Consistent practice of the exercise including aerobics manages the body’s metabolism and fulfills the student’s capability of grabbing up the concepts easily.

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To sum up, the entire sets of points mentioned above are sufficient in providing your children with an awesome learning experience with a wholesome experience. All the activities are ready for implementation being an indoor activity without any specific requirements.

However, there should be a focus upon the strategic team maintenance and management to keep the student’s energized and fulfilled with creativity. The more the students get indulged under the acts, the better will be the level of entertainment for both the students as well as the teachers of the organization in all aspects.

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