The Best Guide to Have Safe and Secure Student Tours

Student Tour
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What are student tours?

Professionally-run student tours are the need of the hour. They are the perfect opportunities to combine education with adventure and fun. When the students and their guardians are nowadays no more interested to remain confined within the boundaries of the classroom, student tours are the best way to impart quality education. Some of the benefits of these kinds of tours are:

  • Students can meet other students from different states, countries or cultures.
  • These tours are the best ways to gain educational benefits from various places.
  • The tours are the best ways of self-introspection and help the students to be self-dependent.
  • As the place of study is entirely different, resilience and independence get rooted in the students. These two are very important attributes which the employers look for in their employees.
  • Development of different perspectives and understanding the width of the world is an extremely helpful advantage of student tours.

If you are a student or a guardian, you must have by this time, realized the far-reaching benefits, these tours have. You must be willing to get connected with a professional yet experienced student tours manager. Travelling is itself a challenge and when it is with students, the trips have to be conducted more carefully. The safety and security of each and every student have to be guaranteed. Let us have a look into some of the tips which would make the trip a successful and memorable one and devoid of any mishap.

The Best Guide to Have Safe and Secure Student Tours
  • A destination specialist should always accompany the group. He / She will not only be the last resource about the place but will also be able to assist the driver. He/she can also make recommendations to the trip sponsor to help in a smooth transition from one place to another. He is the sole person who can look after adjusting the itinerary and facilitating the arrival and departure from hotels and places of attractions.
  • The organization is an equally important key for conducting safe tours for students. The well-managed travel experience will begin only with the realization that there must be the best possible supervision and clearly charted out responsibilities in your group. There should always be a code of conduct or a set of well defined behavioral expectations for the entire duration, be it in the bus or car or in the hotel
  • The authority figures should be effective in carrying out their duties and should ensure that the students are in the right place at the right time and have no discipline issues.
  • The final itinerary should always be reviewed, emphasizing on the learning experiences to be gathered
  • If the tour spans for more than a day, night time security is a thing to be considered. Other than this, there should be plans for health care and handling medication and first aid. Safe travel experience is always about being prepared for an unforeseen illness or accident.
  • In short, successful student travel is not only about selecting a date of travel and destination and making reservations and collecting payments. It is also about frequent and effective communication, thorough planning and attention to detail.

Why Us?

When you want all these and more, you can think about Pencil Voyages. We at Pencil Voyages are known for conducting travel-based experiential programs for students. Thus, you know whom to reach if you are looking forward to connecting with an experiential learning program provider. We conduct adventure programs, activity-based training programs, and activity-based programs. Some of the reasons why you can choose us are:

  • We arrange customized trips, meeting your budgetary and curriculum needs.
  • Our reliable program manager oversees all arrangements including meals, transportations, and accommodations.
  • We guarantee completely managed trips for the students, with the help of our chaperones, to help them explore new things and transform complex topics into easy learning.
  • We stress learning while doing which is the modern educational philosophy. Our activity experts look after the fact that learning never becomes boring.
  • Our safety coordinators ensure the safety and security of every child on the tour.

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