Student Educational Tours- things to know before finding school trip organizers

Educational Tours

Traveling is something that can be done at any point in time, but the benefits a Student Educational Tours will have will be far-reaching and can be cherished for the entire life.

When we consider why the educational tour is necessary, it will highlight a plethora of opportunities that these trips open for us. Such trips are usually undertaken in the educational institutions, providing the students with an entirely new opportunity to discover a new environment and to think out of the box.

The term ‘educational tours’ is self-explanatory and people can get an idea of what they are. They offer practical knowledge to the students and should be made a compulsory part of their academics. The educational trips deliver the students, and experience to know more about different cultures and their practices.

There are a number of organizations that support these tours and also organize them. They also arrange for various activities for the students which are known as experiential learning and are known to provide the best learning of life. When international trips are organized, these school group tour operators help in uniting the participants as a component of the global community.

School international tours

Student trips in India are becoming more effective with the help of tour operators, who are conducting school international tours. School travel is fast becoming a very normal part of a child’s complete education. The number of schools around the world, incorporating educational trips into their academic calendar, is increasing day by day. Experts share a general consensus that an educational trip, be it for school or college students, helps to reinforce and widen the horizons of classroom teaching. The students can also develop soft skills and get exposed to new opportunities.

Students who have the habit of traveling are more sought after by employers, as they have greater levels of confidence, improved skills of communication and increased people skills. Let us have a look into some of the advantages of international educational tours for school students.

  • The students get exposed to real-world situations. The basic objective of the educational system of any country should be to prepare the children to embrace life as an adult. A school or a college is meant to arm students with the necessary skills to contribute to society as active members.
  • The practice of skill-building traditionally takes place in a classroom environment where the teacher disseminates information and the students play a passive role by absorbing and memorizing the information passed.
  • One major flaw of this kind of learning environment is that it lacks in a real-world application. Also, there are other students, who learn better in more social settings, than in a confined environment. A real-world style of learning is more successful in imparting education to students of all kinds. One example of this is an educational tour to NASA in the USA from India.
  • The students get motivated in the classroom. Travel for educational purposes increases student’s engagement in the classrooms.
  • As a part of the regular feedback from the trip organizers, it has been observed that students who lacked confidence, before a school trip, have shown improvement in results after arriving back. This is because school travels have helped the students in building confidence and identifying their strengths, which was not possible in the classrooms.
  • The students get exposed to a worldwide culture. Exposure to new cultures is always beneficial for students in terms of their personal development.
  • The travel schedules organized by the schools and colleges expose them to experiences which they usually do not have access to. The students will gain broader perspectives and can learn to be comfortable in unfamiliar situations.
  • International trips are definitely a once in a lifetime experience. Meeting and interacting with students from cultures across the boundaries of the country, are important for providing direction, relevance, and confidence to learning.

Student Educational Tours to NASA in the USA from India

An educational tour from India to NASA is an extremely popular choice for student trips. Kennedy Space Center, NASA, offers wonderful entertainment and educational opportunities to students of all ages. The students get a chance to experience, explore and interact through space shuttle mission simulations. It is also a once in a lifetime experience. Some of the best and experienced educators lead the expedition. The trip includes:

  • A guided NASA bus tour.
  • Certificates of completion.
  • All activity materials and supplies.
  • Customized program preparation and development by a senior educator of KSC.
  • Wonderful space activities.
  • A once in a lifetime chance to know about the first-hand challenges faced by the astronauts.
  • Two KSC t-shirts.
  • Autographed astronaut souvenirs.
  • A visit to the Disney World, Sea World, and the Universal Studio.

Student Educational Tours to ISRO

An educational tour in India is never complete without an educational tour to ISRO.  Every ISRO center allows students from schools and colleges to visit their campuses. In fact, there is an especially dedicated team to receive the students and help them in knowing about the various activities conducted in the center.

ISRO has started a student outreach program, known as ‘Samwad with Students’, in the Bengaluru campus. Here the students get enlightened on a series of topics starting from rockets, satellites, Gaganyaan, Chandrayaan, and various other space applications.

Student Educational Tours in India

An educational trip in India is all about creating tailor-made excursion activities for schools, universities, and colleges. These trips focus on developing leadership and skills of teamwork for building the self-confidence of the students and facilitating them to re-evaluate their perceptions and beliefs, especially about different cultures.

The educational tour itineraries are not only about seeing the places of attraction. The tour operators provide thorough professional guidance and insight into every destination.

The students get more involved in the local culture and develop new skills and friendships. They also have an increased understanding of the international issues and other cultures and can thus be a part of the global community to work together and meet the challenges of the world.

The educational trips can cater to the following departments:

  • Medicine
  • Performing Arts
  • History and Heritage
  • Religion
  • Media Studies
  • Adventure
  • Eco-tourism
  • Community exchange
  • Ecology conservation

Student Educational Tours – operators

The three main pillars of learning are cultural experiences, academics, and language. The educational tour companies know exactly how to organize educational tours. They organize educational travel and cultural exchange programs and provide international and domestic travel experiences. Along with this, they provide hands-on learning and everlasting cultural connections for students of all age groups.

The students also learn new languages for schools, colleges, personal growth, and work. Various study abroad programs allow them to improve on a foreign language with practice. All the programs offer experiential learning, which is much more than what classrooms teach.

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Now, what is experiential learning? What is the importance of experiential learning? What are the types of experiential learning? Unless we know all these, it will become very tough for us to choose the right educational partner for our students.

Experiential learning is all about learning through experiences. More precisely, it is learning through reflection on doing. According to Kolb’s theory of experiential learning, learning works on two levels: a 4-stage cycle of learning and 4 different learning styles. His theory encompasses experience, perception, cognition, and behavior.

Now, why is experiential learning so important, especially for children of modern times?

  • It makes study and learning more relatable to the students: Students know the theory already and with the help of experiential learning, they just connect practical to theory. They build new concepts with the help of the existing ones.
  • It increases the effectiveness of studies: With the help of experiential learning, students can engage in critical thinking, start making decisions and acquire problem-solving skills.
  • Links theory to practice: The students get a wonderful opportunity of engaging in the experience and practice what they have already learned.
  • Increases the engagement of the students: Experiential learning helps in encouraging collaboration between the learners.
  • Helps in better retention of memory: This type of learning helps in building strong relationships between thinking processes and feelings. Students learn better when the information collected is associated with feelings and values.
  • It leads to the development of lifetime skills: Experiential learning assists in acquiring essential skills and encouraging students to conceptualize, reflect and plan for the next steps.

Experiential learning is the future of learning as it is beneficial in umpteen numbers of ways:

  1. It accelerates the learning process and replaces rote learning. In simple words, it is nothing but ‘learning by doing’.   This methodology uses problem-solving, decision making and critical thinking as the main steps to success.
  2. It has produced a dramatic impact on the mindset of the learners.
  3. Increases the engagement levels of all kinds of students as the greatest focus lies on collaboration and inputs from all kinds of students.
  4. Capable of yielding a wonderful Return on Investment as experiential learning is quite personal and effective in nature. It goes beyond classroom learning.
  5. It is capable of providing a safe learning environment. Simulations are devised based on real-life scenarios, which the learners will face one day or the other, in their lives.
  6. Experiential learning is capable of providing accurate assessment results, with the help of analytics. Combined with simulations and gamification, thus capable of delivering the assessment results accurately, across the parameters of cognitive learning, objective results, and skills effect.
  7. Experiential learning is capable of inducing personalized learning. The participants have the freedom to choose their own pace of learning.

How to organize an educational tour

We are already aware of an educational tour and its importance. Organizing these tours is not something very easy and only professional and reliable companies should be entrusted with this responsibility. There are many student tour operators, who can arrange domestic and international tours for the students at affordable rates. It is very important to identify the right one among them.

An education tour should be such that it gives the students an opportunity to participate in environmental, social and other activities to develop their knowledge. It should be full of learning activities and give methods for working with local living communities to enhance their living conditions. The students can focus more on increasing their confidence, self-esteem, and other qualities, which will help them excel in their lives.  

The traveling companies also look after the fact that the trips should be safe for the students. For this, they should adopt every possible way. There should be proper standards of discipline and strict guidelines should be there so that the students adhere to them.

Student Educational Tours itinerary

While planning an educational tour itinerary, the schools or colleges should always take the help of a professional educational travel consultant. There should be designated chaperones and tour guides who know about the destinations and guide the journey well. The goal of an educational trip is to deliver the greatest standards of learning experience to the group and to keep the travel tour on schedule.

An educational tour itinerary should not be planned, just a week before the tour. This is a journey with the students, so proper planning is obvious. An experienced tour operator focuses on various activities based on acquiring life skills. These activities are designed and conducted in an interactive ambiance so that the students learn everything but in an informal environment. A well chalked out itinerary comprises the following steps:

  • The trip should start with a welcome address to all the participants. After having food, ideally breakfast, the activities for the day begins. There can be a planned visit to a nearby location or the students can start participating in various activities meant for them.
  • If a nearby visit has been arranged, the group can be divided into teams with various activities. This will help in developing a wide range of life skills such as time management, team building, and leadership.
  • Then comes the time to have lunch, after which some adventure activities can be arranged for the students.
  • If it is a single day trip, students can start getting ready for coming back. If more than one day is planned for, the same schedule can be followed the day after.

Educational tour companies-Trust Pencil Voyages

When you look for an educational tour for your students, you should always have a look at the portfolio of some of them. Some of the companies do a really commendable job in providing a comprehensive itinerary for the students to many destinations throughout the world.

You should look into their expertise in carrying out activity-based educational tours for the students. Whether they specialize in catering for the students, can look after providing them accommodation or whether they can successfully arrange for the logistic requirements, all should be looked after.

These kinds of excursions should be interactive, therefore the coordinators should be well aware of the educational requirements of the students. The focus of the educational tours is always on the learning experience, so the students should get enough opportunities to do so. The expertise of the tour operators should be able to guide the students to the best levels of experience.

Student safety is also of paramount importance. The safety management system followed by these service providers should also be checked beforehand. The companies are well experienced in choosing the destinations and the itineraries and these should be done only after a proper discussion with the schools and colleges, after the specific needs of the students are understood.  

We at Pencil Voyages, take the pleasure of introducing ourselves as a premier educational tour provider. Not only do we arrange for educational tours and trips for students, but we also cater to their experiential learning needs.

We empower the educators to inspire their students to be the next generation citizens of the world, by providing exceptional educational trips both to domestic and international locations. Some of their exclusive services include:

1. Conducting fully enriching educational tours. They organize customized educational tours for student groups and also fixed itineraries

2. Their expertise lies in conducting activity-based training & Adventure programs. They run various adventure camps & programs from 5 to 20 days across India for various age groups of students. Students up to the age of 25 years can avail of their programs. They have a fixed departure with a predefined itinerary for these programs and bookings based entry.

3. They work with educational institutions and organize in-campus activities and events for students.

Some other things which they can guarantee are the safety, lifetime experience for every student, dedicated support, lowest prices in the market and a great educational impact for the years to come. They ensure a fulfilling educational tour for all our participants, which will also change their perspectives on life.

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