Booking Closed: Rock & Reign – Connoor – IAYP Qualified Program

  • Location : Connoor
  • Age Group : From 9 to 15 Years Old
  • Duration : ( 7 Days & 6 Nights )
  • Date : May 9, 2020
Students are our future and when guided properly, they become excellent leaders. We hope to trigger concepts of leadership and teamwork in children. This can lead to improved self-confidence, personality, sense of achievement and therefore improved self-esteem. The program will also set off a positive outlook toward fitness and health. A wonderful learning experience through adventure.

Other Activities

  • Trecking
  • Bouldering ( Basic Rock Climbing )
  • High Rope Courses
  • Rappelling

Program Highlights & Orientation

  • Leadership and survival skills
  • Self-cooking
  • Physical fitness
  • Mental Toughness
  • Confidence Building
  • Personality development

Things to Know

  • Altitude: 1700 ~1850 m
  • Temperature: 17 Degree
  • Max Group Size: 45
  • Instructor / Student Ratio :1:8
  • Unisex / Co-ed Camp: Yes
  • Female Instructors: Yes
  • Pickup Point: Coimbatore
  • Drop Point: Coimbatore
  • To and Fro travel tickets: Flights, Trains, and Buses( Optional – at an added cost )
    Know-How: Participant is required to have basic fitness and endurance to accomplish the tasks/activities in the program. This means that he/she must be able to walk 8 ~ 10 km, ascend moderate gradients. It is opined that any average person who exercises 30 minutes every day will have basic fitness.
  • Preparations: Physical activities are involved. So, basic stretching and cycling exercise is advised to practice from before 1 week
  • Difficulty Level: IAYP Silver.
  • Certified Instructors: Rock Climbing, Trekking Guide
  • Safety:  On-campus Medical Assistance
Connor Adventure

Student Requirements & Program Environment

Some Aspects of concern will always be taken not for granted)

  • Mobile
  • Wi-Fi
  • Non – Veg / Veg
  • Drinking & Smoking
  • Any activities outside Camp Site
  • Outsider Intrusion
  • No
  • No
  • Veg
  • Strictly No
  • Yes
  • No


  • Physical Fitness
  • Release Stress
  • Mental Stability exercises
  • Dancing
  • Develop Bondings

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Program Itinerary


Arrival at Connor Campus , Orientation, Minor activities, Sightseeing, Leisure Interaction with participants


Morning walk, breakfast, major activity on the rocks + lunch, minor activity after tea, knot practice, group discussions, early dinner, Night trek


Morning walk, breakfast, major activity – team activity - group tasks and discussions


Morning exercises, visit tribal village & viewpoint – this is an initiative for students to understand the need for an inclusive society.


Morning exercises, breakfast, Survival training – self cooking, self care and cleaning


Rappelling after breakfast, Post lunch - Valley view trek through tea estate & sholas


Breakfast, Leadership games + Group Tasks, Lunch, de-briefing and discussions, certificate distribution, packing up and departure to Coimbatore

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