6 Proven Tips to Handle The Problems Faced by Parents of Adolescent Children

Problems faced By Parents
6 Proven Tips to Handle The Problems Faced by Parents of Adolescent Children

Are you worried about the sudden behavioral changes in your teenager?

Are you struggling to find credible information about handling teen issues?

Sounds familiar. Right?

Do not worry, You are not alone.

Adolescence is a critical age for children. This is the age where they go through a lot of physical and emotional upheavals and face many challenges. Teenage or adolescence is the stage where most of the children are exposed to many internal and external changes. Hormonal changes, puberty, societal and school pressure are some of them. And because of these changes, teenagers, as well as their parents, go through a lot of trouble.

As a parent of a teenager, you too face a lot of problems in handling their temper tantrums. You are always on the toes to deal with their mood swings, demands, and emotional outbursts. In such a scenario, the bonding and communication between you and the child play a crucial role. They help to overcome almost all of the problems faced by parents of adolescent children.

Understanding the problems faced by adolescents will help you to handle them in a better manner.

Common Teen Problems

  1. Body image issues and eating disorders
  2. Lack of self-esteem
  3. Cyber addiction
  4. Bullying
  5. Peer pressure
  6. Unhealthy competition
  7. Addictions
  8. Depression and other mental health issues
  9. Underage sex
  10. Teen pregnancy

Most of these issues are connected. For example, a child suffering from body image issues may suffer from eating disorders and depression. Which in turn, leads to addiction, substance abuse, and aggression.

Being a parent, you can play a crucial role in the development of the child. You must gently guide him/her to cope with the sudden changes and societal pressure in a positive manner.

However, the hormonal and emotional changes in the child may create some problems for you too. Here are some tips to deal with the common problems faced by parents of adolescent children.

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Identify Any Behavioral Changes

6 Proven Tips to Handle The Problems Faced by Parents of Adolescent Children


Identifying teen issues at an early stage will help you to guide the children towards healthy ways to handle their problems. Change in sleeping patterns, unusual eating habits, spending more time with mobiles, laptops, and other gadgets, reduced social activity, irritability, etc. are all symptoms of teen issues. All these behavioral changes are signs of an underlying issue like stress, addiction, or mental health disorders. You have to observe the child very closely to notice any changes in behavior.

Transfer Age Appropriate Knowledge 

Hormonal changes and puberty are two main issues that lead to a lot of aggression and unwanted issues in teenagers. Preteens and teenagers are curious to explore their bodies and learn about different concepts. This is the main reason they resort to deviant behavior, underage sex, alcohol consumption, and smoking. If you want to dissuade the child from such risky behaviors, try to have open communication with them. Transferring knowledge in an age-appropriate manner will help them to get the right information from the right source.

Talk to the child about sex, addictions and other topics to remove the taboo around them. Have an open discussion with the child and explain everything in a scientific and easy to understand manner. Make them aware of the risks involved and prepare a clear set of rules stating accepted and unaccepted behaviors.

Respect Their Opinions

Most of the teenagers crave for validation. To address this issue, you have to respect their ideas and opinions and make them a part of the decision-making process. Respecting their views helps to enhance the self-esteem of the child and is the key to avoid confrontation. Moreover, it also aids to overcome the problems faced by parents of adolescent children, like defiant behavior, lack of communication, and isolation.

Trust Your child

Like any other relationship, trust is the foundation stone for building a strong parent-child relationship. You should never resort to spying, cross-checking, and doubting as these negative behaviors make the child lie, behave in a defiant manner, and steal. Trust and acceptance help to develop positive traits in children.

Create a Rapport

6 Proven Tips to Handle The Problems Faced by Parents of Adolescent Children

Creating a strong bond is the solution to most of the problems faced by parents of adolescent children. Work towards creating a good rapport with your child. Have open lines of communication, and find the right balance between being a parent and a friend. This will make the child comfortable to discuss any issues that are bothering him/her.

For example, research shows that most teenagers face abuse and bullying, but the majority of them suffer in isolation due to the fear of being ridiculed. This is where good communication with parents comes to play. Having a good rapport with parents makes the child comfortable to come out in the open and discuss their problems. 

Seek Professional Help

Sometimes it is not possible to handle the stress of raising teens. in such a scenario, you can opt for professional help. Consult counselors, doctors, therapists, and psychiatrists for proper guidance and support. And along with these professionals, you can also turn towards experienced and older members of the family for additional help and support.

Enroll in Learning Programs

Experiential learning programs educate the child about society and the world at large. Learning about and experiencing different cultures allows the child to blossom into a well-rounded individual. 

Understanding the problems and finding out suitable ways to handle them will empower us to handle the routine problems faced by parents of adolescent children. Whatever technique of parenting we follow, it is always helpful to have love, empathy, respect, trust, and complete acceptance towards the child. 

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