Top problems faced by kindergarten parents | How to overcome them

problems faced by kindergarten parents

Every kid getting into a new stage of schooling starts facing changes in their physical and physiological approaches. With their changes in the biological system, there are constant problems faced by kindergarten parents. 

There are many instances where you will have to step in and help them out in many roles unexpectedly.  

The ultimate parenting challenges that many parents face while sending their kids to kindergarten definitely takes a toll on young parents as well. 

Reports prove that Parental stress and anxiety are the main reasons for delayed developmental activity among children. Kids adapting to the new environment bring more trouble than expected. All you need is a calm demeanor to tackle them at ease. 

What are the physical and psychological changes that happen to Children in Kindergarten: 

It is a common known fact that kindergarten children are always into trouble. 

They start with basic recognition and grow up to be nasty mischief managers during this kindergarten phase. It is mainly because they experience many physical and physiological changes in their body – to which they impulsively react. 

It is always important to track and keep a note of changes in their body and approaches to life because, at each stage of new developmental traits, children should basically be reaching developmental milestones. 

If they miss any stages in your tracking list, there could be a significant developmental delay in their growth spurt.  

Some common growth spurts in children you can keep in your tracking list: 

Physical Spurts: 

  • Kindergarten Children will start speaking in full sentences. 
  • Their Walk starts becoming balanced. 
  • They can start manipulating single hand or single leg movements at ease.
  • They will be able to identify different types of movements like walk, crawl, run, rolling over, lifting head, etc., and all that. 
  • By this stage, they will easily be able to understand how to handle a spoon, fork, and knife. 
  • They can now say their name, address, and personal details in clear. 
  • They can relatively understand the concepts of numbers, colors, shapes. 

Physiological Spurts:

  • They are able to comprehend the start, flow, and end of a story, and at times movies too. 
  • They are introduced to the concepts of Planning, Organising their things, and Packing things.
  • They start recognizing people and label them as friends, classmates, teachers, etc., 
  • They Start experiencing newfound emotions like jealousy, possessiveness, and caring. 
  • Kindergarten kids start understanding things, as we say “ Ready to have a quality conversation.”
  • Sounds funny but true – They begin liking to show-off by dancing, singing, or even reciting things, to seek the attention of people around them. 

Mental State for Kindergarten children’s parents: 

Kindergarten schooling is supposed to be one of the comprehensive learning parts of every child’s schooling education tenure. Their problems of Kindergarten parent problems, though there are many, there are better solutions.  

Statistic reports say that a child leans more on a mother’s attention and care than from a father. 

The Maternal responsibilities of every mother get disturbed when she is into stress or depression. Such Mothers into depression also experience physical ailments like shooting heart rate and increased cortisol levels. 

Children suddenly begin to exclude themselves from social gatherings. They will start to communicate less. 

They will experience many emotional, behavioral, and emotional stresses with things they see and get to mingle with. 

Kindergarten children definitely need to have the safest family setting assurance, to experience maximum growth and developmental potential.  

Major schooling problem for kindergarten kids:

  • Shy Children refusing to get along with other children, 
  • irregular eating habits, 
  • children getting glued to gadgets and refusing to move, 
  • New emotions like anger and aggression,  
  • Unreasonable tantrums,
  • constant nagging with siblings , etc 

Biological Clock of a Kindergarten Kid: 

There are significant differences in the growth spurts among emotionally and self-assured confident kindergarteners and kids who aren’t assured about their existence. The same goes for their Parents. 

Many kindergarten problems and solutions are because of their unmatched growth spurts and lack of attention and care. 

The Biological clock of kindergarten children also involves other factors to monitor like, Brain Development, Genes, Nutrition, Cultural and Physiological differences, Cognitive skills, and other Motor skills. 

It is important to influence children with the following factors 

  • Environment Conditions, 
  • Balanced diets, 
  • Healthy nutritious meals, 
  • Games and play activities, 
  • Even every message they receive and be able to be organized into the visual and auditory categories.

Kindergarten children learn with every new thing they observe and feel. When their environment and influencing factors are slowly taken care of many kindergarten challenges for parents are easily solved.  

How to overcome the problems faced by kindergarten parents: 

Most challenges faced by parents of kindergarten kids involve common day to day activities with which children start facing difficulty all of a sudden. 

There are many signals that children naturally give when they start experiencing such discomforts. 

All over the world, around 15-18% of children are reported to have speaking, learning, emotional, and even behavioral disorders. 

Some very common problems faced by the kids of kindergarten parents are, 

Refusal In Getting Along with Other Children:

 A Child who feels not so self-assured or cared for in a family, often experiences such a problem. They Refuse to get along with other children very easily. They experience emotions like Possessiveness, Jealousy, and Negligence. Such children are often categorized as kids with behavioral problems. 


  1. Give them extra attention and care. 
  2. Making them feel loved and assured, can help them feel confident to move around in a crowd. 
  3. Often take a day off from your work and screen, and spend it with your kid. 

Irregular Eating Habits: 

Emotionally driven kids often go two ways. To Eat Irregular and more of junk, or to either completely refuse food. As a kindergarten parent, you might feel happy at times for the kid eating too much, or sad because your kid is too picky. A Kid struggling with food-related issues might, later on, have body image issues. It is important to start guiding them in the right direction the earliest. 


STOP Categorizing or encouraging their food based on their taste or shape. For example, Do not tell them that vegetables are the only healthy food available. There are high chances that they start thinking that all healthy food tastes bad! STOP CATEGORIZING. 

More Gadget Time: 

More screen time is one of the biggest Kindergarten parent problems every parent has to come across. This isn’t a problem among kids alone. As Adults too, we faced this problem way too high. There are high chances that kids become aggressive or defiant when refused or advised about lesser screen time. Reducing the screen time of your children could be difficult, but the results are way rewarding. 


Be Clear with your children right from the start of having a strict timing for screen timing. Children learn from what they watch around. As a family, everyone takes steps to go on a digital detox mode and try enjoying some fresh air outside. Take away or Hide your gadgets or other electronics if you find your kid going way too much enjoying the screen time. 

Being Aggressive or Defiant: 

This is another kindergarten problem and solutions way too common around the world. Aggression is a very common trait found among many children. There isn’t anything to be worried about it UNLESS it doesn’t get reduced as they grow. Many children start becoming aggressive or defiant, mainly because they struggle in handling their feelings in a more social – appropriate manner. They know that it wouldn’t happen, but do not feel mentally able to accept it. 


Try Warning your kid of taking away one of their privilege points every time they behave aggressively. Give them the choice of words they can use when they feel they are emotionally unstable or angry at someone for no reason. 

Tantrums and Nagging: 

Kindergarten kids often get into trouble with unwanted tantrums and Constant Nagging mainly because they aren’t clear with communicating what they need, to the adults. Unless they aren’t addressed right on notice, they can become a forever routine. 


Tantrums are hard to get rid of, but you can always try ignoring the kids. You can let them know that throwing tantrums, crying, stomping, or even breaking things cannot get them what they want. Nagging can mainly be because they do not get the attention they want. Initially Ignore their nagging, but make sure to give them the possible positive attention when they stop it. A little attention can stop more cries than expected. 

Keep Reading for more light on other parental problems, and how to overcome them.  

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