International student travel. How to explore other countries?

International student travel

As a student, you have plenty of things on your plate to do. A dream to explore the world on international student travel, a bucket list to backpacking to corners of the country, a never-ending interest to experience new cultures, foods, languages heritages and living a gypsy life are all very common in every student’s life. Tuition fees and other expenses make hurdles for many to spend on international trips.

What many do not know is that, if one is ready to fulfill his wanderlust, there are plenty of resources that are available for international student travel. Pack your bag to visit your favorite places, accomplish your travel plans during your student days.

How to do International student travel while enrolled in college?

Are you a freshman enrolled in college with wide hopes to travel aboard to gain a life-changing and choose the right and convenient resources for your international trip. The world is a massive ball, traveling takes a chance to meet different people and places to get out of the regular schedule. 

Use study abroad programs

Studying abroad is a beneficial experience for a student to study in a foreign land. If your institutions have abroad study programs in a destination country from your bucket list, enroll in without any second thought. Studying abroad is a fantastic way to live your dream of traveling, and in par completing your academic education. 

Some study abroad programs last for a semester or a year, but they offer prices that are cheaper than traveling on your own after getting a degree. Abroad study coordinators structures program to help students see more of the world. You will experience a different academic environment and life culture that will make you develop a comprehensive understanding of your study field.

Look into research grants

Many students face financial crises and fall into debt while aspiring to join abroad study programs. Research grants allow you to enter certain degrees and job fields to study abroad without any hallucinating fees. From the start of your college life, build trustworthy relationships with your faculty who research on foreign nations and intern with them as research assistants.

Take internships or volunteer travel programs

If you have a deep-rooted interest in traveling for longer periods, the best idea is to take a paid internship with a travel firm or enroll in volunteer travel programs to travel international trips. These volunteering activities involve teaching, nurturing, caring underprivileged or specially-challenged kids around the world. 

These life experiencing activities help you to broaden your perspective in your view of the world. When you take internships activities like content creation, tour guide apprentice or photographer, you can travel around the world free of cost and also earn a salary to make a trip to other countries. Travel internship is the best way to explore the world while you are in college.

Enroll in travel-related carer major

Try to enter majors like foreign languages, international studies, translations or business-oriented studies that will get you many options to travel to different countries. Think twice to take courses that allow for travel.

Join an outdoor travel club

College or school travel clubs have the potential to take students for international trips and adventures. Some clubs have competitions and tournaments to choose students for a trip, look at those clubs which have your destination in their list and take part in them to create lifetime memories with your friends. Joining such clubs might give you another outlet to socialize with new people and get to know their culture.

Search international internships abroad

Before your graduation, try finding an aboard internship to learn your field in practical which will in bonus allow you to travel around foreign countries. Many colleges offer campus interviews for internships, where you can meet professionals and talk about your career options. There are professionals who can direct you to the perfect internship. There are options, but remember the key: Communicate

Stress about future careers comes along with fun in college or school days. A lot of choices colleges create for students like international internships or abroad study programs to connect with different people who can guide you and make your travel dreams come true.

Be a representative to plan a college tour

Every college and school organizes international trips as a part of the academic activities. With the help of your classmates and a tour organizer, try to detour and experience a useful, educational and adventurous trip to your desired country. Think out of the box – An educational tour with experts can be eye-opening to many experiences. Educational tours give you a learning and leadership experience of a lifetime.

self- organized trips

Self-organized trips are more limited to your budget, time and imagination. During summer or winter holidays, plan an international trip to see the world. Some countries have a free visa plan for students, pick a country you want to feel and enjoy and make a memorable trip within your budget. 

When you opt for a self-organized trip, make sure to not forget the prime factor: Savings. Save up every penny if you want to travel around and tick off items in your bucket list. 

Why should one make International student travel?

Traveling is not only fun and exciting but also to experience the practical education you can never get in the classroom. Educationally, traveling makes a difference in reading about the world’s wonders and experiences open your mind.

Travel helps you to learn yourself, become organized and change your idea of life. International travel will make you learn resourcefulness, self-reliance and how to communicate with strangers. Few reasons why student travel is worth broadening your horizons.

  • Experience and discover different cultures

New cultures and customs, provides you with incredible insights and possibilities. Reading books and watching videos gives you an imaginary visual, but traveling gives first-hand ability to experience and eye-opening opportunities from new food to cultures.

People around the world have different languages and perspectives values on life. International travel exposes you to many ideas and engages you with other foreign students. Exploring a new culture comes along with the new language. By studying that language, you can hone your skills and can communicate with others.

  • Personal development

Traveling alone in foreign countries develop your personality level like the way of interacting with others, make you feel grateful, bring out your boldness and lure you into becoming independent. Traveling helps to discover the inner self and gain an understanding of different people’s lives. 

Stepping out of one’s comfort zone can be an experiential learning process while on an international trip. It challenges your own beliefs. These experiences boost your confidence level and positively raise your self-esteem. Traveling in a foreign city will eliminate your self-doubt or insecurity, build a high confidence level to face the world.

  • Infinite opportunities to network or make friends.

Abroad tours give some incredibly valuable connections. During travel, you will meet different peoples from different backgrounds and can have a chance to learn their traveling experience. The friends will make your travel more enjoyable and memorable. These connections will come handy in the future or traveling to new cities.

  • Hone your language skills

Traveling is the best way to learn and know about the origin of different languages. If you plan to study abroad, one of the major opportunities is that you can learn foreign languages. 

  • Find new interests

Are you still questioning why traveling is important? Traveling in different countries provides you new interests and activities that you never knew if you were at home. You can try adventurous sports like hiking, snow skiing, golf, water sports or other activities you have never tried in your life.

  • Adapt to globalization

Whether you like social media or not, you can easily globalize with others. Use the cultural sensitivity and confidence you experienced in traveling to help your career attain success in the globalizing world.

 Precautions you have to take for International student travel

When you go to foreign countries, you get to experience beautiful cultures and know people’s lives. Traveling Alone on an international destination is more exciting and also more dangerous. The most important part of traveling is the safe handling of both the self and the monetary resources. Always ensure your safety, make your trips a joyous experience.

  • Follow the latest travel advisories of MEA (Ministry of External Affairs).
  • Research about the countries you are visiting and familiarise yourself with its food, currency, places, surroundings, and transportation.
  • You have to obey the laws of the country you are visiting
  • You must have the right visas for visiting countries and check other exit or entry requirements.
  • Take comprehensive and correct travel medical insurance which covers your unexpected accident costs. Put up-to-date vaccinations to prevent diseases and take your medicines that are allowed in your visiting country. Always have a medical checkup before to ensure you are healthy enough to travel abroad and follow your visiting country’s health procedure.
  • Check your public transportation and stay safe.
  • Keep your passport and other official reports safely and also make sure your passport is valid and not expires while overseas.
  • Make photocopies of passport along with visa pages, traveler’s cheques, insurance policy, credit, and visa card numbers. Carry photocopies to each place you are in the plan of traveling and give one copy to family members.

Traveling always refreshes your mind and body, you can do different things at each time. As a student try to enroll in international traveling courses or opportunities offered in your college or school to improve your personal development and path of your career. As a student, utilize the bonus opportunities you have and avail of all the discounts and freebies. Once gone, time never comes back. Happy Traveling! 

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