Indian Parenting Vs Western Parenting – Impact Of The Cross Culture

Indian Parenting Vs Western Parenting

Here we are again, debating for the most debatable topic – India parenting vs western parenting which is good? As parents, it is in our blood, we want the best for our children. Parenting in any corner of the world is a responsibility. It is like nourishment that is necessary for a sapling to grow into a big and fruitful tree. Hence, good parenting is crucial. However; over the past decade, there is a heightened discussion and interest in the importance of varied parenting styles in particular Western parenting vs Indian parenting. Right from academic performance to emotional development, self-confidence, behavior, and ability to cope up with life challenges parenting from both the world has been judged.

Both parenting styles represent the pros and cons however, it depends much on the child’s personality. What the parents need to understand is the best parenting style is the one to provide the best of both worlds that offer a strong balance. First, we need to find out what are the differences between these two parenting styles.

Discipline Vs Freedom 

Indian parents are seen emphasizing discipline more on the other hand western parenting is liberal. No doubt, Indian parents are seen making rounds of follow-ups ensuring that their kids are well-mannered, and disciplined when it comes to academics. Asian parents aim at cultivating discipline and more often they are the reasons for enhanced career-centric children.

Western parents are liberal hence they are softer on their children. When things go wrong they are more considerate about their kid’s feelings. At times this leads to the development of careless nature in kids. This can be overlooked but for the growing kids especially when they are into their teenage phase it is important to cultivate a disciplined nature.


At times being so strict is not what your kid needs, he will need your support and caringness. However striking a good balance is crucial along with disciplining them and to make them understand why and where they went wrong, so the mistakes are less repeated.

Academic / Career Enhancement Vs Self-esteem

Indian mothers will buy an entire book store for their kids and sit through when it comes to practicing. Indians will always put studies first and put greater emphasis on academic scores – anything less than 90% is a dishonor.  Indian parents strongly believe that only being successful is by having a good career choice and for that one has to be competitively brilliant to survive the competition. This is adding stress to the kids and hence, there are consequences attached to it. 

Western parents usually take it slowly when it comes to academics. They are never seen pushing or pressurizing their kids to study irrespective of the grades they are into. It may seem to be a good approach but education plays an important role. 


It is essential to keep a high standard for your child when it comes to academics. But it is equally important to see that your child doesn’t feel pressured in meeting your expectations. As a parent, you need to be there supporting, and constant motivating and so on.

Respect For The Authority Vs Freedom In Relations

Indian parents make sure that their kids are respectful and are the best of their behaviors. Often, they are scolded by the parents for upsetting them. “Back Answers” are clearly no-nothing to Indian parents. The fact that Indian culture is more inclined towards respecting the elders, this is good perhaps parenting should be changed with the changing of times. 

Western parenting has a different approach, they believe in establishing a friendship with their kids. This approach takes the kids outside of that “protective environment” and kids do feel like confiding to their parents about many things. This is really important when your child is stepping into a teenage phase. However, it is important to draw a fine line where your child does respect your say.


When you are establishing a relationship with your growing kid it is important to know that it is friendly without domineering. Your child needs to be heard, but that doesn’t mean crossing the fine line. Be a parent first.

Conventional Vs Unorthodox

Indian parents are traditional when it comes to academics, socializing, family values, etc. It’s not that western parents do not have family values but the kids are given more freedom – freedom to choose.

Usually, you will see that Indian parents put more emphasis on making a career like a doctor, engineer, IT professionals, MBA and so on. Also; Indian families enjoy various festivities and social gatherings more compared to western ones. 

Western parents are liberal towards their kids hence, they are never seen pressuring them in academics. Parents whole-heartedly accept their kids choosing careers in music, arts, dance, etc. The children don’t feel discouraged when they are not pressured to make certain career choices. 


It is important to give your children the kind of freedom that helps them become self-independent individuals. Unconventional choices aren’t always bad, at least trying will let them know if the kids have made the right choice or not. Parents should encourage their kids so that they are able to discover their hidden talents.

Shaming Kids Vs Praising 

It’s usual for Indian parents to be verbally harsh. “How can you be so foolish?” “You don’t have brains, you are too small to understand the adult thing” and so on. No doubt parents will be bringing out the best when it comes to kids, but bashing, scolding seems to be torture especially when the kids are growing up.

Western parents are conscious of their words and more often use sweet words like “love”,  “honey”, “sweetheart” ensuring that the hurt is zero or minimal. Children are fragile, bashing may worsen the situation hence, it is important that they are handled calmly.

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Indian parents assume that their children are strong enough to bear the bashing hence will help in improving. Therefore; it is okay to a comment to gain better results. On the other hand, it is still better, to be honest with your child to let him/her know the truth and give the right scenario. Also; this helps in bringing awareness in the kids rather than sugar coating. Find out a fine balance where your children still find it easy to come and confide in you.

While both Indian parenting and Western parenting styles come with their own set of pros and cons. They lead to extremes, and every child responds differently. Als0; the culture, the place plays a vital role in upbringing. Ultimately, whatever style parents choose, it’s all about giving the best to your kids. 

Bottom Line

Frankly speaking, there are pros and cons to the parenting style depending on the country, communities, culture and so on. So the best way is to enjoy the benefits of both worlds is by finding the right balance between the two.

Let the child learn from its own mistakes and instill discipline as it could teach them the right path. 

Both parenting styles have one thing in common, even if they are different radically which is thinking betterment of the children. Also, not every child is the same. Some things work fine for one kid which may not work for the other. So one must choose what is good for their own kid and family.

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