Good Manners Matters – How to raise a child with good manners and Basics Of Etiquette

How to raise a child with good manners

Screaming, Kicking, Crying ungh you have experienced it all – your kid is throwing a tantrum in the middle of the store, testing your patience. 

You politely ask them “where are your good manners”?. 

Gone are the “back-in-my-days” expectations. In today’s fast-paced technology-driven era, teaching your kid good manners is more crucial than ever. How to raise a child with good manners?. Not just you but many like you are asking the same question and searching for a solution. 

Modeling good behavior is the best way to teach your kids good manners. Good manners do not happen overnight. Depending on your kid’s age, good manners need to be shown, taught and practiced by the parents. Kids are like sponges; they soak everything that influences them and the same is with good manners. 

When teaching your kids good manners, consider their age and the ability to grasp. For some, it may be too early to start. Level your expectations and follow the below-mentioned tips on how to raise a child with good manners.

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Raising A Polite Kid – Consider Milestones For Teaching Manners

The physical growth of your child plays an important role here. It is too much to expect from a toddler to behave like an adult. These moral stages will help you in teaching good manners appropriate to their age.

Here are some age-appropriate basic etiquettes that you can teach your kids

1 to 3 Years Old – Using Magic Words

The kids at this age are too young to understand, even though they have made mistakes. Rather punishing your child, model good behavior by practicing “Magic words” with them. The magic words vocab include basic good manners like:

  • Hello
  • Thank you
  • Sorry
  • Please
  • You are welcome
  • May I
  • Excuse me

Demonstrate it in your house along with your other family members on how to use magic words and how “magic words” can help your child to become polite.

3 to 6 Years Old – Interacting Politely With Others

This age range kids can easily pick up what you are saying. They can understand and hence, it is easy for you to teach your kids good manners at this age. This age is where your kid starts socializing with other kids, begins pre-school, and often participates in play dates.

At this age, you can teach your child good manners like

  • Teaching “how to introduce” etiquettes 
  • Sharing his toys and taking turns
  • Playing fair with other kids
  • Practicing to listen and demonstrating the same
  • Helping with small chores like picking up the toys etc.
  • Helping during meal times, setting up plates, etc
  • Saying magic words

7 -10 Year Old – Teaching Your Child To Be Grateful

This age kid has a good sense of differentiating between right and wrong. It is the right time to teach them being grateful or thankful for what he has got. Showing empathy toward others.

For example, writing a “thank you note” upon receiving a gift. This will help your kid to learn basic manners and how good it is to be thankful and kind towards people. 

Also at this age, you can teach your child, “It is okay to lose sometimes and learn from the mistakes”. Having a sportsman’s spirit is important regardless of the results. Winning is not always necessary, rather making friends and helping them, and being motivated will help your kid to become a humble and compassionate individual.

11- 13 Years Old – How To Be A Humble Guest

At this age, your kid is entering his teenage years.  Hence, parents need to give independence. They will be independently studying, going out with friends and spend time at their friend’s place.

Teach your child the discipline about the timings. They should respect their independence but should not forget the same.

Also; let your kid know that you expect polite behavior when there’s a gathering at home, or when you are invited as a guest.

14- 18 Years Old – Teaching To Be Respectful

This age is such that, it earns a bad reputation of showing disrespect towards elders. Rude behavior develops for several reasons, don’t overlook the issues your child is dealing with. At this age, your child needs your care and attention to assure that you are there for him. Treat your teenager with the same respect, encouraging them to become a responsible adult. Teach them the importance of planning, scheduling, and how to become responsible.

Wrapping Up

There is no one size rule for kids when it comes to raising a child with basic etiquettes. But, if you reinforce the above-mentioned tips on how to raise a child with good manners, It can surely help you raise a polite, well-liked and a kind child.

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