10 Hacks on how to keep your child busy during the summer

how to keep your child busy during the summer

This week I let my 7-year-old daughter play on my smartphone for 2 hours while my 2-year-old son was napping while I was working from home.  I talked to my friends about how our schedule is hindering their playtime and the guilt we felt of letting our kids spend most of the time watching the screen. Most of you including me are wondering  how some of you keep your child busy during the summer

Looking for other ways to engage your child during the summer? Add these activities to your summer lists now:

  1. Engaging them in engineering activities

Yes, there are lots of STEM games that will pique an interest in them. Try to encourage them to play such games that are a blend of architecture and engineering because this is a perfect way to let their creativity come to life. These little learners have wide-open curiosity and getting them into STEM activities is clearly not a bad thing to keep feeding that fire in them. The earlier the better, these activities introduced will help develop the technological fluency and understandings with the age of how things work.

  1. Going on a hike

What could be a better way than your little one knows about the names of the flowers, how nature works and so on – going on a hike is the best way to spend time in nature. The best way to spend family time together is to build memories. Especially when you have kids of less than 8 years this can be the best exercise to let them have. You can have a camping trip or plan a barbecue at the camping site perhaps the best way to channelize their energy.

  1. DIY games

There is a dearth of DIY games when you Google or the best way to learn is through YouTube. You will find hundreds and thousands of DIY games that make learning imaginative, interactive and fun.  Many children have a hard time catching up on math concepts and spellings which these DIY games make easier. Some of them are

  • Foldable craft to teach 3D shapes
  • Sight word games
  • Using straws to make words and numbers
  • Learning spelling through scrabble
  • Time watching games
  1. Playing treasure hunt

This is one of the best outdoor activities to do during summers. All you have to do is hand them the map and some clues they are good to go. Exploring their own way will help them learn many things during this game.

  1. Teaching them to manage money

This activity is best for slightly older kids like 7-10 years. Give them jars and let them work their way and earn and save their hard-earned money. Engross them in small chores like setting up the table, folding laundry, watering plants and giving them money in exchange for that work. Not only they will feel appreciated but feel proud about earning it legitimately.

  1. Making a short video

If you are thinking this could be too technical and tough, then let your kids prove you wrong. At this time, my boy aged 7 and his friend aged 9 are shooting short videos from my smartphone. Let your kid gain that creativity and make use of this latest technology app that helps them shoot fun entertaining videos. Let their creativity flow out and be proud of making something they own right from scratch.

  1. Start a photo diary

Just like Instagram, making a physical photo diary can be the best way to make happy memories. Snap any random pictures daily and print them. Let them paste into a diary with a short note to go with. It will serve as a story to their picture whenever the photo diary is opened. This will enhance their writing creativity.

  1. Stargazing in your backyard

Kids love stars. Setting up a tent and sitting there with your kids gazing at the constellation can be a great summer activity. This way you can teach them about the stars, and planets. It is a perfect way to let them learn about planetary movements and astronomy. What’s more, you can hire a telescope for a day to get that detailed look in the sky. Your kids are surely going to enjoy gazing at heavenly bodies.

  1. Take them with you to shop at the local market

Whether you are a parent of a picky eater or a foodie eater take your kids with you when you visit the local market. A field trip to your local market will help your children know about the entire healthy food system. In fact, it is the right opportunity to educate them on healthy eating and expand the food items that you can include in your kid’s palates. Not only will your kids get to support the ecosystem of crops and the farmer’s community where your kids get to know how the crops are grown, seasonal crops, how they reach the local markets, etc. will help them cultivate interest from a younger age.

  1. Enroll them in camping

Today you will find different types of summer camp offering opportunities for kids to evolve into independent and mature individuals. It helps them to explore their mental and physical capacity. Children are usually sitting at home, hitting video games or watching television during their summers. These camps give them the right environment contributing to their growth. Summer camps specifically designed for kids are meant to help them showcase new skills, allowing kids to become self-confident. They learn to make new friends, learning new things which ultimately helps them to develop their own personality.

Apart from above mentioned, there are other hundred ways to engage your kids during summer like getting them into painting activities, exploring parks with them, role-playing activities, storytelling, letting them volunteer, do gardening, and much more. The list is endless. Channelize their energy in the right direction so that they won’t feel bored and bug you the entire summer. 

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