How to deal with hyperactive child at home

Does your hyperactive kid drive you crazy at home? Most parents would say yes. how to deal with hyperactive child at home ?

Hyperactive children are demanding one, with limitless energy as they are restless and making it challenging to handle. Channeling their energy in the right direction can help cure the behavioral problem. They simply need more attention. Raising a high energy child is not something to worry about. Your hyperactive kids probably need care, patience, and more attention.

Why is my child hyperactive?

Like you many parents are browsing over the Internet to look for the reasons for their child behaving hyper. Well, there are several factors behind that include:

  • Environment – If your child is constantly in a family who is fighting and arguing, living a disorganized life
  • Genetic – If a parent is hyperactive, it is natural for the kid to get that behavior
  • Temperament -Kids learn from the closest. It might be parents, siblings, or the environment they are residing in. Also, the research says that it can completely nature
  • Food intake – Food also plays a vital role in triggering emotions. Also, there are certain food allergies/sensitivities

What causes hyperactivity?

Hyperactivity isn’t exactly termed as “being very active” – medically it is often termed as “ADHD” Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

This is the most common and browsed question searched on Google. It is very concerning for the parents, as managing the hyperactive child at home is not easy. The child needs constant attention, and care. 

If you think your child is suffering from ADHD “Hyperactive” issues, there are signs to find out.

What are the common symptoms of restless child behavior?

Kids that are restless and hyper-energetic kids have problems in focusing on their activities. 

They happen to lose their temper and become irritating when it comes to completing their chores. If you are wondering, why is my child hyperactive

Common hyperactivity symptoms found in child care:

  • The kids have a hard time in following instructions
  • They have anxiety issues
  • The kids are sad, frustrated, and worried
  • They are not able to focus
  • Often bumps into things
  • They fidget and have a strong urge to play with everything
  • They talk constantly – nonstop
  • They are mind wanderers, having a hard time completing their chores
  • They often misplace or forget their stuff
  • Easily gets distracted
  • The kids are impulsive
  • Poor listening skills

why my child gets hyper at night?

Children are not genetically programmed to stay up late at night. So why? What is the reason?  Being tired in the daytime and getting energetic at night is another common symptom of hyperactivity. It is because their lifestyle is preventing them from being sleepy at night. Do the research work to figure out what keeps them up. 

There are a couple of reasons we have mentioned:

  • Your child might be suffering from night fears and anxieties
  • Your child is taking a long nap in the afternoon hence feels energetic in the night
  • He/she  has sleep troubles/bedtime battles that keep him awake
  • Electronic gadgets can be the reason such as watching a lot of television during bedtime
  • Your child’s bedtime schedule is irregular
  • He/she is overtired
  • Your child is consuming sugary items at night

How to control over excitement in children?

Raising a high energy child is not an impossible task. As a parent, you need to be very tolerant of your kid. 

Look for the behavioral patterns of your child. Read about it on the Internet and from the doctor where you can gain insights about the hyperactivity nature. A hyperactive child can be hard on the family, but what you can do is not let your child feel ashamed and bad about it. Assure it that it is a common thing and eventually it will get better with the support and time.

 Kids that are hyperactive, have a hard time slowing down their minds. With the right behavioral strategies and remedies, will help you in raising a high energy kid.

1.    Understand their feelings

Hyper kids are enthusiastic ones. They are fervent and excited to show you their stuff. Often, parents get irritated and shout out to them and at times punish them. This has a negative impact on them, making them more stubborn. Try to understand their feeling behind what is making them happy and excited. By participating in their activity can help them calm down their jitters.

2.    Channelizing their energy

Figure out the ways to channelize their energy, to tone down their minds. Kids that are hyperactive are enthusiastic about playing outdoors. You can enroll them in outdoor game activities like playing baseball, tennis, gymnastic classes, karate, etc. where their minds and body get into sync therefore, helping them to calm their minds.

3.    Pairing it with opposite nature child

This works. Consider pairing your kid with a sober one. This will instill the qualities of that kid, increasing their patience level. Doing activities like sitting for the craftwork, cleaning the room, completing homework, etc.

4.    Conversing with your kid in a calming voice

Mamma’s soothing voice is what a kid needs when he/she is hyper. Sit with your child, hug him, and soothe him in a calming tone. You can express him, telling in a very appease tone that it is hurting you. Kids are emotional and your message can do wonders in toning their behavior instantly.

5.    Minimizing distractions

When they are doing some kind of activities or sitting for homework, make sure that they do not have other distractions in the room. Create an inviting environment, and let your child be comfortable and relax in the activity he is doing. Explain to your child about how important it is to focus on the work they are doing and let them understand the significance of the same. Do not restrict your kid’s freedom, let him move around without getting it distracted.

6.    Teach them how they can relax

Few schools have initiated the concept of teaching “Mindfulness” because of the positive results it has brought in the hyper energy kids. Mindfulness techniques are highly beneficial – for a hyperactive kid, teaching mindfulness is starting with the basics like sensing the present situation – be in the current situation. Learning a few simple yoga postures, and meditations have shown positive results. Simple breathing techniques are great to start with kids that are hyperactive.

What are the natural remedies to calm a hyper child?

Hyperactive kids can be toned down by implementing a behavior intervention plan. There is nothing to worry about having such kids. With time, patience, and practices, and channelizing their activities in the right direction can help your child improve.

Medication is not the solution, rather try natural remedies to calm a hyper child. 

The best ways are:

1. Be patience with your parenting

Just like any other treatment, you need to be patient with your child at home. Children suffering from AHDH can thrive when they are handled patiently. Be flexible, then punish your kid. Putting a reasonable schedule will help you better handle the situation.

2. Creating a schedule

For a few months or maybe a year, ensure that your child follows a set routine in terms of studying, eating meals, and bedtime.

3. Let your child be organized

Teach your child to be organized. Start with the basic and simple things like doing homework on time, keeping the school supplies and toys in place, cleaning the clutter from the room, etc.

4. Let your child relax before getting into the task

Often parents have set the strict regime for the child to control his hyperactivity. Well, that could not be the answer to tone down the kid. For e.g. if your child is coming from a school and you are asking him to sit down for homework – that will be a tough thing. He needs to vent out that bottled energy hence playing outdoors can be the best option to relieve his hyperactivity.

5. It is okay if they still fidget

This is not an overnight result that you are going to get. It will take some time to get your child sober. Allowing them to fidget when they are busy doing a task will help them channelize their energy, reducing their anxieties.

How to intervene for hyperactivity?

Kids suffering from ADHD constantly need to be following instructions. To encourage the behavior, when your child obeys the instructions, he/she should be rewards

  • Some of the simple interventions to try for the kids suffering from ADHD include:
  • Take help of cognitive-behavioral programs at school and home
  • Praise for appropriate behaviors
  • Enrolling the child into individual cognitive-behavioral therapies to change their patterns and encourage the self-confidence
  • Coaching and mentoring to support and improve your child’s behavioral patterns
  • Implementing relaxation techniques to reduce the anxieties
  • Prescribed medications and talk therapy

Closing thoughts

Know that a hyperactive kid is different than usual naughty ones. It may look challenging but not an impossible one. Encourage your child to participate in different activities in order to eliminate aggressive behavior. By following the above-mentioned tips and speaking to experts can help you understand ADHD better. 

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