How much can experiential education impact your child’s future/ attitude & psychology?

Experiential Education

Introduction to Experiential Education:

Hey! Do you know that people forget up to 80% of the new information they have learned within a month? One of the famous German psychologists named Hermann Ebbinghaus studied the retention and human’s ability to memorize things. Prioritizing experiential education for the students will greatly develop creativity and awareness based skills in students. A well crafted and deep program will help students run away from depression and anxiety-like disorders. Moreover, they feel motivated, independent, energized, and well organized to face outdoor challenges efficiently.

The loopholes of the effective learning processes motivated David A Kolb during the early 1970s to develop the theory of Experiential Learning. This learning methodology involves a different teaching approach positively impacting your child’s future/ attitude and psychology.

Soon after the dedicated research and in-depth studies were done by Herman, some surprising facts evolved in front of mankind. As per the research reports submitted, when we memorize something new, a huge amount of forgetting phenomenon occurs.

Research has also proven that the human’s ability to retain something inside their mind only happens when we learn things through multiple senses. The involvement of more of our senses to absorb a lesson enables us to retrieve the information for a long time.

Experiential education is one of such methods used by the instructors to increase the learning and retaining abilities of the students. The method involves several teaching methodologies between teachers and students directly combining the experience, learning content and the learning environment. The curriculum facilitates the student’s learning abilities associating with the surrounding environment and learning outside as a group.

Concerning the diversities, Pencil Voyages is dedicated to organize travel-based experiential programs for the students and make them achieve the global heights of success. It results positively in increasing the knowledge, developing skills, clarifying values and improving the student’s capacity to contribute towards their communities.

A broad range of well experienced and highly qualified professionals contributes to the experiential learning process under the organization. The experiential education educators inside Pencil Voyages include teachers, counselors, environmental educators, guides, instructors, therapists, corporate team builders, mental health professionals, coaches, etc.

The methodology gets implemented with project-based learning, global education, non-formal education, active learning, cooperative learning, expeditionary learning, and many more.

Specializing in experiential education to brighten up your children’s future:

Keeping in view the overall development of your child, different intelligent strategies are implemented by us including the successful conduction of travel based experiential programs.

Experiential education through travel: Concerning the consistent development with the experiential programs, we facilitate in successfully organizing the educational tours in India and abroad. No matter whether the student studies at school or college, we have sound expertise in organizing the experiential tours both at school and college levels. We understand the importance of educational tours for promoting the student’s desires and making them flourished with confidence.

Activity-based training and adventure programs: Students up to 25 years of age and people of all the age groups participate in the various adventure camps and programs run by us. The program is scheduled to get executed for 5 to 20 days across India under an educational tour format. We offer booking based entry for every single individual to simplify the procedure.

Collaboration with educational institutions: In order to make the students understand the importance of versatile experiential programs, we organize in-campus events and activities. We let the students understand the importance of experiential programs with dedicated events, lectures, extempore, etc. to name a few.

Advantages of Experiential Education:

Several advantages are associated with experiential education making it the future of learning in all aspects. Some points in the favor are hereby mentioned as follows:-

Accelerates learning with the practical approach:

It is better to learn by doing as compared to the long-lasting theoretical approaches. In addition, experiential learning even promotes the overall development of creative skills including critical thinking, problem-solving and effective decision making at the same time.

Generates demonstrable change in the mindset:

Experiential learning is fulfilled with the potential for bringing a revolutionary impact on the participant’s mindset. The hands-on practical approaches make it easier for the participants in grabbing real knowledge.

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Safe learning environment:

In association with the multisided benefits of this learning strategy, we even empower the students for working effectively on real-world simulations. It allows the students with the freedom to think and operate differently without crushing their own confidence level.

Merging theoretical and practical learning:

Theoretical knowledge gained from the books is now ready to get applied via practical learning approaches. An Educational tour like activity removes the student’s shyness and makes them strengthened enough to win the world.

Development of the abilities to work with a team:

We, at Pencil Voyages, educate the students with practical learning approaches to work with proper team management skills and achieve success. Leadership skills are developed consistently with the provided training. This helps them to work comfortably with the professional environment in the future.

Exceptional return gained on investment:

Experiential education influences both the feelings and emotions and simultaneously builds up knowledge and skillsets. Beyond classroom learning approaches, there exists a high level of retention. It accordingly comes up with an exceptional level of return on investment which cannot be gained anywhere else.

Enhancement in the level of engagement:

Collaboration and learning-based approaches increase the student’s level of engagement. The level of ownership of the outcome is even high as the participant gets immediately involved in the problem solving practical activities.

Conclusion :

To sum up, the experiential learning mechanism is obviously the proven strategy that must be incorporated by the educators all around. We, at Pencil Voyages, understood and analyzed the prospects hidden behind this great methodology for the overall career development of the students.

We understood that teachers always want their students to glow in the wide sky of success. But, they feel the biggest barrier in exposing the students to the practical learning methodologies. Our curriculum to practical exposure is capable of troubleshooting all such issues.

Our learning environment is focused on the entire benefits of experiential learning. Dedication to making the students capable of learning the concepts through practical approaches has made us different for a long time. In addition, to memorize the course curriculum for a long-lasting period, we focus on developing overall managerial skills and leadership abilities as well.

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