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Students have been taking generic and less-enriching trips and tour packages due to the lack of specialized educational excursion in India. But, NOT ANYMORE! We are changing the way students look at educational tourism in India.

Experience our educational tour packages filled with complete and wonderful experiences, where we have develop education in entertaining group activities. Our educational program culture encourages learning through fun. Some of these programs also include camping in the surroundings of nature which in turn make students grounded and environment-friendly.

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STEM Tours

Immersive experiential educational programs for student groups in India who want to gain an in-depth experience and authentic knowledge of STEM (Science, Technology, Mathematics, and Engineering). Students will be exposed to the intricate details of the industry chosen by them or their field of study throughout their educational trips. But unlike any other usual and boring educational tour operators and usual visiting destinations , our educational tour packages and excursion programs will also provide fun filled experience in addition to knowledge. School and college students will develop skills and knowledge that will remain with them forever. Students will also be exposed to special group activities and learning while having lots of fun.
Some of our popular programs : educational tours of India, educational tour to Australia

International Expedition

If your school and college students in India have a special and distinctive interest in a particular culture, country, food, mythology, science, photography, history, etc., but have not been able to find a well-curated and specific educational tours anywhere in India, do not worry. You can send your students or join one of our special international educational expeditions. These are Educational tour packages and programs, created by our experts with safety and depth of experience that are aimed to make students think out of the box and experience the uniqueness of the world. These educational tour packages provide students with learning and experience of a lifetime. Enroll your school or college in India for a wholesome experience.
Have a look at some of our popular programs : educational tour of Europe, education trips to Australia, educational tours in India

Voyager’s tribe (Care for a cause) Program

It is extremely important for your students or kids to be empathetic towards each other, creating social awareness, brewing connections and protecting Mother Nature, etc. Due to the increased fear of natural and man-made disasters, it is required that our children learn to protect nature and fellow human beings with respect. When parents are busy, they can’t devote time to such detailed traits. That’s why we are here! With our Voyager’s Tribe programs, we make students aware of various causes, teach them a skill and make them build a new purpose in their life. Our programs also make students more sensitive towards elders and each other, so hurry and enroll your students for some meaningful Volunteering activities. Contribute into making them better human beings.

Industrial Visits

Industrial and company visits are a kind of educational tour which are aimed to prepare your kids or students for their future. Practical knowledge is as important as theoretical knowledge. Most students these days have a dream to enter into the corporate world after their education. Our experts have collaborated with some of the biggest corporations and renowned universities around the country so that students can get the maximum benefits of our enriching and empowering industrial educational tour. Students can choose their specialized industry or their area of interest from our list of experiential tour programs.

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We have highly specialized focused programs. You can choose from one of our flagship programsbelow. Read more details about the program by clicking on the programs below and book now.

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      Our international expeditions are well-curated and executed. We have collaborations with acclaimed international universities and institutions in Europe, Australia and America. Our international educational expeditions are innovative and offer out-of-the-box experiences to the students. We offer end-to-end solutions like visa assistance, travel insurance, ticket bookings, accommodation, site seeing etc. Students can gain vast exposure and a lifetime experienced by participating in our programs.

      Our Programs; some of them are international educational expeditions to various countries across the Globe. Our popular expeditions include education trips to America, Australia and Europe. Apart from these, we can also customize a destination as per your requirement.

      We mainly offer 4 categories of educational tours for students. STEM tours, industrial visits, international expeditions and Care for a cause programs.

      We have collaborated with a number of reputed organizations and universities in India and abroad. You can choose an industry and organization of your choice from the list.

      STEM tour are for students, who wish to gain in-depth knowledge about the STEM subjects and how they are practically used. Our STEM tours also include fun filled activities, group learning activities, debates, competitions, personality development programs apart from the educational sessions. Children learn about the subjects of their choice in a relaxed and fun filled atmosphere.

      Industrial visit are designed to provide experiential learning to children. They can visit different organizations and practically see how different activities are carried on. These programs help children to understand the demands of the industry and prepare themselves for the future.

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