5 Challenges Parents Face in the 21st Century

Challenges Parents Face in the 21st Century

We have become parents in a completely different era than the one we grew up in. probably our parents didn’t face much of this problem than the challenges parents face in the 21st century.

Because the world, technology, and lifestyle didn’t change as rapidly then as it does now. In addition to it, you are expected to raise a child who is perfectly ready for a world you know nothing about.

Hence, the challenges parents face in the 21st century are much more difficult than the previous generations of parenting. Being a parent today is the most satisfying and at the same time, the most complicated task. This job is never going to end or become easier.

Challenges Parents Face in the 21st Century

  • Mobile Phone Addiction – No matter which country you live in, this is the most common challenge of the 21st century. Your child will surely be addicted to a Mobile phone. Be it just for watching videos (up to six or seven years old) or for playing games (from seven or eight up to 15-16 years) or for chatting and being active on social media, Mobile phones are their best friends.

As a parent, this addiction makes you worried about their eyes initially. Then their studies and later for cyber-bullying or using an app that can make them end their lives. Although, cell phones might be a boon for you as parents in knowing your children’s whereabouts with just a click of a button. However, it is definitely not worth the issues that it brings along with it.

  • Obesity – Our previous generations didn’t know much about junk foods and obesity. All they knew was healthy eating habits that included a good amount of fruits, vegetables, whole-grains, and dairy products. Our kids today rarely know of healthy foods. A kid as young as 2 years old prefers pizza to a dish full of vegetables and fruits.

Poor dietary patterns evolved from the last few decades and a sedentary lifestyle leads to a generation of obese kids. These children not only face health issues from a very early age but also lack stamina as compared to us in their age.

  • Balancing Personal and Professional Lives – In this period where everything is costly – good food, clothes, home, and education; it becomes indispensable for both partners in the family to make the ends meet.

If the mother chooses to leave her career in order to raise her children with full attention, the parents need to compromise. Financially with something or the other. Alternatively, if the mother chooses her career in order to give the family a more financially stable condition, parents have to leave their children alone with heavy hearts.

Additionally, when both the parents are working, they are always on a guilt trip for not giving enough time to their kids. Moreover, they themselves start missing the kids and their various milestones.

  • Saying a ‘No’ – This is the consequence of the last point. The new-age parents are guilty of not being there for their kids every time they need them. That is probably the reason why we are always ready to fulfill all their wishes, even before our kids demand them.

This behavior raises children into insensible adults who do not know how to face failures and rejections. Further, they expect everyone to understand their wishes just like their parents did. We all know that in real life, this might not be the situation all the time and that being expressive is important too.

  • Bad Habits – Teenagers and adolescents tend to have an inclination towards bad habits like drinking, smoking, and drugs. No matter how close you try to be with your kids as parents, but you would not even come to know when a wrong company, a small failure or just curiosity provoked your child to fall into this pit.

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The most serious problem is that it is very difficult to take out your kid from this pitfall. It takes months and even years for parents to rehabilitate their kids. Even then, not all of them are successful. This is truly one of the biggest and the gravest of the challenges that parents face in the 21st century.

However, challenges should not stop you or make you worried. Challenges should motivate you to become better parents by helping your kids grow into responsible and sensible adults. Many parents have successfully overcome these challenges by engaging their kids’ emotional, mental and physical energy into productive exercises and programs.

Above all, these successful parents followed two simple rules –

  1. Children love happier parents more than perfect ones.
  2. Kids don’t listen, they imitate.

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