Budget experiences- A guide to pocket-friendly student tours

Student Tours

Traveling as a student with peers is an experience to cherish for a lifetime. It is not only fun, and exciting, but the educational value of traveling young is undeniable. The only time to experience life to its fullest without worrying about anything at all is school days, and therefore, student tours are a huge hit among children of various ages. Many schools and parents are now coming to realize just how beneficial traveling can be for their children. But student tours come with budget constraints. So how do you make the best out of the limited budget that you have? We have got just the guide for you

Plan ahead for your student tours

We keep harping on the importance of planning because, in our experience of managing and organizing tours, we have realized that planning is the first and most important step to a successful trip. The sooner you plan, the more budget-friendly options you can explore. Flight tickets, hotel bookings, visa charges, and other expenses all go up last minute. So it is better to stay ahead of the prices and plan sooner.

Location matters

While prices in each city can differ as per amenities and preferences, it is true that certain locations are just cheaper than the others. This is especially true for international student tours. A country like the UK is obviously more costly than Puerto Rico, but the traveling cost to Puerto Rico is higher. So maybe Indonesia is the right country for you? These details are pesky and need a lot of research and planning. But the results are worth it. In terms of student tours in India, various cities can cost differently according to their location, distance, and facilities. If this research proves daunting to you, you can always consult Pencil Voyages for a smooth experience.

Budget experiences- A guide to pocket-friendly student tours

Domestic vs International

Many schools prefer domestic travel over international due to obvious cost differences and safety issues. However, what if we told you that you can visit certain countries as a part of your student tour, at the same price as a domestic tour? It’s true. Depending on the number of students, days of travel, and the country, you can plan an international tour within your budget. How? Research. Certain flight rates are way cheaper in the off-season and some countries have subsidized student tours like Singapore.In order to reap the benefits of these, do your research, or leave it to us. And you can be assured to have an experience of a lifetime.

Pencil Voyages does more than consult

We have already discussed how daunting the research and planning can be. But another very important factor in a students’ tour is the safety aspect of it. Safety needs to be the top priority from transportation to accommodation. And this overall safety is what we specialize in. Our tour coordinators will be in touch with you constantly to plan the right option in your budget, and ensure that the security is taken care of. So you can focus on the students and their experiences.

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