What do karate students wear?

Karate is one of the finest forms of martial art practiced all over the world. The game became more popular with time and now will be performed as an Olympic game in 2020 in Tokyo. 

Along with a self-defense training tool, the game offers several mental and physical health benefits and also improves balance and muscle coordination in kids. Maybe this is the reason why many parents and schools are interested in teaching their students with Karate. 

Before you make your kid start with karate make sure you equip him/her well with the required accessories and guards that not only protect them from injuries but also keep them safe while performing several kicks and chops. Additionally, martial art games like Karate have some specific uniforms and patterns. 

These accessories are compulsory to wear during competitions and practice and somehow, are the same for boys and girls but differ at some points. To know more you have to go through every single detail provided in the article.

What Do Karate Students Wear: 

1. Uniform: 

Whether you are an old student training from many past years or a brand new trainee ready to begin your karate journey and get your first gi or someone in between, you need to be very particular about your training equipment and uniform. And to help you with this we have mentioned a checklist that you should not forget to mark while going for a competition or training. 

Unlike other sports, martial art games like karate have a specific uniform pattern that is compulsory to follow for both boys and girls. This apparel may vary depending upon the demands and discipline techniques being followed during the training and competitions. 

Karate is performed in variable types of gi whose weave and weight depends upon the techniques used by the player. This gi is plain white in color however Kobudo competitors have a choice to wear black or brown karate gi. The Hakama i.e. a divided skirt is not allowed to wear in karate. 

Other Specifications: 

  • Boys are not allowed to wear other t-shirts or shirts under the gi in the competition whereas girls can wear a plain white t-shirt while practicing or during competition. 
  • The jacket worn by the competitor should be tightened around his/her waist with a karate belt and should not be longer than the mid-length of the thigh.
  • The length of the jacket should not be longer than the wrist bend and should not be shorter than the half forearm. Rolling up sleeves or having short jacket sleeves is totally prohibited.  
  • The trousers of the uniform should be two-third of the shin and rolling them is prohibited while training or playing competitions.
  • Girls are not allowed to wear fancy bands, metallic hairpins, or hair clips. 

2. The Belt: 

The graded martial arts sports like karate have a special belt as a compulsory uniform accessory. The belt represents the rank of the player earned by winning and playing different competitions. In case the kid is a newbie he/she has to start with the most fundamental color of belt i.e. the white belt. 

Colors and Meanings of different belts: 

White belt: The white belt is for beginners who have just started their karate journey. 

Yellow Belt: Yellow belt is for the new player who has learned some new methods and techniques.

Orange Belt: Orange belt is for the players who are ready to expand their techniques and methods.

Green Belt: Green belt denotes that the player is mastering his techniques and methods.

Blue Belt: it denotes that the player is trying hard to learn new techniques and is gaining knowledge so that he/she can equally differentiate between different techniques. 

Purple Belt: this means that the student is pretty serious to achieve a new level. 

Brown Belt: It shows that now the student has gained enough knowledge and is now ready to fight competition. 

Red Belt: It signifies that the person has gained an ample amount of information and is now ready to teach it to other people. 

Black Belt: it is the last stage of karate belts which shows that the person has mastered all the methods and techniques and is well known to teach it to other people and guide them well.

Once you start playing it in the hands of the coach or sensei to offer you the color of the belt according to your capabilities. The belt is the same for both boys and girls. It not only symbolizes the skills of the player but also symbolizes your dedication, hard work, and skills. 

3. Protective Gears:

Karate has certain methods and techniques that can cause injury and therefore to protect yourself from injuries the students need protective gear. These protective gears are not only important but a compulsory part of the karate uniform. 

Some of the important protective gear required during practice and tournaments are chest protectors for both boys and girls, hand mitts, helmet mouthpiece are essential for amateur levels, foot protection, shin pads along with instep pads. Groin cup is essential for the boys to wear while practicing and tournaments. 

4. Training Accessories: weapons, gloves, etc: 

Different types of martial art techniques require specially designed training equipment. Like karate can be performed in gi and requires a specialized weapon I.e. bo. It is a traditional weapon made up of a wooden stick that is around 1.8 m in length.   

5. Good quality gear bag: 

A good quality gear bag is not at all a compulsory thing but a serious necessity that has several benefits. Unlike the heavy and rough gear bags, a comfortable bag helps to keep all your gears and equipment neat, clean, and safe. Instead of going for a low-quality bag prefer selecting a high-quality bag with solid and sturdy material to keep everything easy to carry and to keep in one place. 

No doubt hard work and determination are key to learn a sport perfectly but at the same time, a comfortable uniform and essential gear and equipment make it a little easy for you to acquire those skills. 

In karate uniform plays a major role and wearing a proper and tidy uniform with all required gear and equipment is a part of its discipline and rules. So before you enter the practicing ground make sure you have checked this checklist.