Why is Physical Activity For Children Important for their Mental Health?

Physical activity for children is very important for their overall health and wellness.

Technology has been hijacking children from real raw world experiences in recent times. Young children have high energy levels that have to be spent in an energetic and healthy way. 

Indulging in physical activity offers many benefits which include building strong muscles and bones, reducing the risk of bones getting weak, decreasing the stress levels, and increasing their energy.

Physical activity is an essential part of daily life, it needs to be taught right in their early days. It becomes a key component of the child’s brain development.

Physical activity for children should be made more interesting and include play-based activities in their daily routine.

All day at home, playing the same boring mobile games and sitting in front of computer screens has become routine work for many children.

To divert them physically and mentally is more important to keep them active. Taking them to camp and other outdoor activities could be the exact solution to engage your kids with nature and sunshine. 

Kids of all ages become enthusiastic when they hear the word ‘camping’. To plan and pack for the camp, to make all the arrangements – kids can learn so many things about going to a camp. It stimulates their brain cells and keeps them happy and excited. 

Why is physical activity for children important?

Obesity in childhood is a major concern since many children spend most of their time on digital screens and lesser time playing outdoors.

It is essential to encourage an active and healthy lifestyle for the kids from a young age. Children between 5-18 years old require at least one hour of physical activity every day.

This can include vigorous cycling and swimming to improve their muscle tones and overall physical fitness. 

Physical activity for children not only improves their physical fitness but also increases their mental health and cognitive skills. Physical activity has many benefits as follows

  • Teaches important life skills
  • Strengthens bones and muscles
  • Develops coordination
  • Enhances learning and concentration
  • Encourages tolerance and increases positivity.
  • Helps to relieve stress
  • Improve energy levels and increase sleep levels
  • Helps to maintain a healthy weight
  • Improves posture
  • Build endurance and flexibility
  • Develop gross and fine motor skills

Physical activity benefits for mental health

Physically active children have positive developments in their learning skills and their academic performance. Some of the mental health benefits your children can attain when they play outdoors are:

Boosts cognitive ability and brainpower:

When the children engage in physical activity, blood flow through the brain increases, the regular flow of blood to the brain helps to create new blood cells. It increases the performance of the overall brain and its function.

Enhances academic learning:

There is a positive correlation between the improvement of learning and their level of physical fitness. Regular exercise improves the ability to learn and perform better.

Physical activity in children improves focus and concentration which results in better decision-making.

Reduces anxiety and elevates mood:

when they do physical exercise, the hormones called endorphins are released from their body. These hormones are called feel-good hormones which help to lift the mood of the person.

Children who involve in physical activity experience reduced stress and anxiety because the endorphins moderate the level of stress and elevate their mood.

Improve social skills:

When children are involved in sports and physical activity, they tend to build new friendships and communication skills. Children gain new experiences and decrease loneliness to improve social skills.

Enhances creativity:

Exercise stimulates the activity of the brain, which enhances creative juices and builds creativity. Thus, children involved in physical activity can succeed more in extracurricular activities with new imagination skills.

Importance of camping for children

Camping always provides a platform for the children to grow.  A new environment gives a new experience to the kids which stabilizes their mental ability.

Camping also provides a new environment where they make new friends, enhance communication skills, and self-confidence. Camping has many benefits as follows

  • Camps help the kids to build a unique interest other than studies.
  • Camps help the children to reinvent and it also eliminates particular categories.
  • Camps make the child build new skills. It also takes them into a deep mind.
  • It leads to new-friendship other than the usual one which makes children socialize. It enforces independence and empowerment.
  • Physical activity leads to mental stimulation, which can be increased through camping. It improves the confidence level of the children.
  • Camps improve the creativity of the kid and they can be free of judging and getting judged.
  • A camp does not force the child to do things. They can be on their own and enjoy the harmony of nature.

What to take while camping on with the kids

Are you ready to take your children to camps? Camping makes children more enthusiastic and entertaining. There are some hacks to take camping with the kids as follows.

Pack everything clear and organized:

You have to be very careful in packing the needed things in an organized manner to make the trip more comfortable and enjoyable. Organize your packing camping supplies with labels, so that you can unpack them easily when you reach out of the place. You can opt to take large bins and label them to easily re-pack things without any mess.

Set up hand and foot washing stations:

When you plan a camping trip with the kids, Hygiene comes first as the children are more prone to easily get affected by dirt and microorganisms. Make sure to take a big tub as a washbasin, it makes it easier to wash the dirt off while entering into camping tents or sleeping bags. You have to take water and use it with proper limits to wash, cook, bathe, drink, etc. 

Take antibacterial wipes and wet wipes:

If you can’t give the kids a complete bath, you can wipe them with antibacterial wipes and baby wipes, before they head to sleeping bags. Make sure to take an extra blanket to wipe your hand and feet before entering the tents.

Sleeping Arrangements:

When the kids like to sleep on the floor, make sure to make the flooring extra soft by keeping thick blankets. Carry two single cot sheets to cover the children, because it is easy to carry and is convenient. 

Bring The Toys:

When you are taking kids camping, make sure to pack their favorite toys separately, which will make them enjoy the trip more. If they are electronic-free, the better.  and they will play safely without getting hurt.

Night time safety is more important: 

Take glow sticks along with you and put them into the water bottles to have night vision. Headlamps should also be owned by everyone for better safety. Make sure to be safe while getting dark, put fire camps for better safety purposes, and to keep warm.

Where to go camping with kids

When you are camping with your kids, make sure to plan near your hometown. If the kids are not comfortable, if they don’t get any proper sleep or if you forgot some essentials, it is very easy to bail it out. Don’t force the children when they are not comfortable, you can give it up without any second thought. 

What to pack for a camping trip with kids

While taking your kid camping, you have to make sure to pack some basic essentials as follows

  • Shelter
  • Cooking items
  • Bedding
  • Clothing
  • Toiletries and personal items
  • Miscellaneous items
  • Kids items
  • Tubs
  • Baby wipes

What do kids need for camping

Planning a camping trip is not an easy task, there is a lot of organizing stuff, preparing food, getting reservations, packing a car, then getting things to entertain the whole family.

By planning things right, you can enjoy your valuable time with family and nature. Kids get a lot of outdoor time, rather than screen time.

There are essentials to be carried while planning a camping trip with kids.

  • Kid carrier
  • Toys and games
  • Stroller 
  • Playpen and mat
  • Bike
  • Diapers/wipes 
  • Toiletries

Tips for planning a camping trip with kids

Leave the screens behind at home and plan a home-away camping trip with your family and kids to make them feel better and more enthusiastic. Here are some of the tips to plan a camping trip with kids

  • First, plan a date to book the camping ground and make sure to confirm it. Then plan to start earlier to get the spot earlier and put the tent before it gets dark. It will avoid the stress of having to work out at night. 
  • Invite your friends to have a quality time. Kids also enjoy with your friend’s kids to spend some time happily.
  • Always Put a checklist for a camping trip. Make sure to take everything without fail, the checklist helps you to do so. Check the necessary things beforehand, so that you can enjoy a camping trip without missing any essentials. 
  • Prepare the food you want, so that it can be stored for 2 or 3 days for easy availability of the food. Prepare a meal chart, so that you can get the essentials needed for cooking.

If you like to go camping with your kids? You can also book an appointment with the best camping services to explore the world outdoors without screens and personal efforts and hassles.

Give your children the best of childhood experiences.

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