Types Of Gymnastics | What Are All The Classification Cnd Categories Of Gymnastics?

Gymnastics is basically a sport that involves various aspects like balance, physical exercises, flexibility, endurance, strength, and coordination. The typical movements in gymnastics result in the proper development of arms, shoulders, legs, chest, abdominal muscle groups, and back. Evolution of gymnastics: The evolution of gymnastics happened from specific exercises that were used by the then … Read more

Level 4 gymnastics requirements | Age, Skills & Routines

Gymnastics got official recognition in 1881. Currently, people appreciate it as a fine mixture of balance, strength, and precision for flawlessly executing critical acrobatic movements like twists, flips, and others. Level 4 is considered the first competitive level in gymnastics. Gymnasts must at least earn a minimum mobility score for advancing to Level 5 from … Read more