Most Loved indoor physical activity for 3 to 5-year-olds

Children of the age group from 3 to 5 years are known for being an active bunch. They enjoy their time spent in the backyard, park, or pool irrespective of the season. But physical activities for toddlers and preschoolers are not always suitable for their health to play outdoor and indoor activities; Especially indoor physical activity for 3 to 5-year-olds

Playing for long hours in the cold breeze of winter or lava-like hot summers might affect their health. In times like this, you should introduce them to some fun indoor physical activities. This can also be an exciting way to spend some family time and some time away from screens. 

Why is Physical Activity important for kids? 

  • Helps to build strength, endurance, and flexibility
  • Makes bone stronger
  • Improve concentration 
  • Fewer behavior problems
  • Helps achieving and maintaining balance weight
  • Reduce stress level 
  • Improves over health and wellness
  • Keeps body fit 
  • Improves social skills 
  • Helps develop gross and fine motor skills
  • Improves in sleep

Physical activity of any kind helps improve our overall health and wellness. It is essential for your kid’s health that they must have some physical activity in their daily routine. They have high levels of energy that should be invested in beneficial activities like indoor games. They are critical in mental and physical growth. 

Physically active children have a longer attention span, perform better in school, have stronger bones and muscles. Indoor physical activities for kids are essential, and parents should be educated on incorporating daily physical activity on their kids. 

How much physical time do children need? 

For preschoolers (ages 3 through 5 years), it is recommended to be physically active throughout the day. They should accommodate a minimum of 60 minutes of physical activity. 

Children are not more inclined towards the virtual world and have left an interest in actual physical activity. They usually spend most of their time glued to screen- mobile, TV, tab, and other gadgets. There are a plethora of options for these gadgets out in the market. 

What are the ways to keep your kids active indoors?

Playing games and family bonding exercises are a great way to keep your kids active indoors. 

There are virtual versions of almost every game (including card games!). How can you make your kid get up and play some physical games? Fun games are the only answer. Whatever game you choose to play should be engaging and be able to seize their attention. Confused? Don’t worry; we have got a perfect list to get you started. 

Here are some fun indoor physical activities that you can play with your kids: 

Row, Row, Row Your Boat

This game will be as fun as the name. An amazing game for your kid’s physical development and won’t even have to worry about any equipment as you won’t need one. 

To play this game, children have to sit facing a partner with feet touching. They hold hands, leaning forward and backward while singing “Row, Row, Row Your Boat.” As simple and as fun as that.

The Animal Kingdom

This game is fun and can be used as a learning activity. Your kid will have to act like animals in the jungle. You can ask them to howl like a wolf or walk like a penguin. Mimicking the movements of different animals will develop your child’s physical strength. These imitations will also help him learn more about animals. 

Tape Shape 

A stationary that can be so used to create exciting games for your kids. You can use a tape to put multiple shapes, letters, numbers on the floor. These will lead your children to their next destination. For example, you can say, “hop like a frog to the “P” or “jump to the circle.” This can be an exciting game and help them learn about shapes, letters, and numbers.

Snake Dance 

To play this game, children will form a line as a snake. They will have to place their hands on the shoulders of the player in front of them; they will follow you or the first child around the room. 

To make this game up a notch, you can challenge the player in front to tag the teammate at the end. This way, everyone will have to move faster, which will make this game fun to play. 

Penguin Waddle

This is a balloon game where you have to place an air-filled balloon between your child’s knees, the challenge is that they have to walk across the room without dropping it. You can also create a few more obstacles and have them go around it. If they drop it, they’ll have to start again. 

In case there is a gang at your door to play games, have them separated as a team with balloons placed between their hips. 

Over and Under

This game demands your corporation as you have to be a bridge. To do so, raise your hips from the ground and form a bridge from your body. Now, children will have to crawl under the bridge. Go for a plank and ask your kid to jump over. Over and Under is, by far, one of the most fun indoor physical activities and can be a good workout session for you. 

Scavenger Hunt

Hunting games are the best; let’s all agree to that. Scavenger Hunt will definitely keep your kid’s attention for hours. This game is about clues and finding treasures within the kingdom of your home. You will have to hide certain items as ‘treasure’ in a play area or room. Children will have to find each of these items and compete with one another to see who collected most items on the list. 

Make sure to write clues that your children can understand easily. Don’t get carried away! 

Musical Chairs

A game that has always brought cheerfulness to the room with it. This is a game that’ll keep your kids up and moving. Place chairs in a circle or inline facing outwards and at some distance. Make the children sing a rhyme while circling the chairs. When the song is over, they will have to quickly adjust them to one of the chairs closest to them. Whoever could not lose the round. Or you can keep it a no-lose version where everybody can enjoy all day long. 

Mirror, Mirror

Stand a foot apart from your child and have them copy all your movements. Make them reach up, stretch to the sky, or do jumping jacks, run or act funny. Try to make it exciting for them and involve some physical activity along the way. Switch turns with your child and have the best of both ways. This can be a funny activity and great for some family time. 

Hot Potato 

This is another game that involves music. Grab a softball (any soft toy will do). Toss the ball to your kid. Now instruct them to throw them to another like it’s a ‘hot potato’ that you cannot hold for long. Everyone in the room will repeat this as long as the ball doesn’t fall. 


No, you don’t need to go to a bowling alley to play. Just bring some easy-to-knock items (like empty bottles, empty tetra packs), set them up like pins. You are ready to bowl! 

Kids can roll a softball towards the pins and knock down the bottles. Have them keep up with the score by counting the pins they manage to know-down. Increase the pins as you go to different levels with multiple turns like in the bowling alley. 

Freeze Dance

More like musical chairs but with dancing. Bring all the dancers in and play some music and dance your heart out. At random times, pause the music, and everyone will freeze to the position they were last dancing. Whoever loses to maintain this position and change will lose the game. 

Crab Carry

Walking like a crab is possibly one of the most fun physical activities for toddlers and preschoolers. If you haven’t thought about it yet, first teach them how to walk like a crab, placing palms and feet to the ground while raising their stomach and face up. In this position, put a soft toy on their belly and see how long they can hold it. 

Crab Race 

Another activity that they can do with a crab position is a race. You can have your own marathon in the house where you kids can have a little race while walking like a crab. You can reward them with some cookie or made up medal. 

Final Words 

Who said staying home could not be fun? Now you have so many games to play with your kids and keep them fit. It is important that you keep a variety, even in games, unless there is a favorite. All the games that we have mentioned in this blog are the most-loved indoor physical activity for 3 to 5-year-olds. 

You can try more games or create your own modified version of these games. The goal is to keep your children engaged in physical activity with joy and have a little family time together. Pick your game and make a playdate with your little ones.