How to make your child physically strong? | Being a better parent

“Exercise is the key not only to physical health but to peace of mind”

-Nelson Mandela

The first thing that every parent wants is a healthy and happy child. A physically strong child excelling in different spheres is the ultimate dream of a parent. But, without proper exercise and a sedentary lifestyle, physical fitness can hardly be achieved. Hence, the one question that lingers most of the time is How to make your child physically strong. 

Before that, you must know:

Why is it necessary for children to do exercise?

Exercise is not only for physical well-being but also for the proper mental development of the children. 

The benefits are listed below:

  • Exercise helps your children to focus on every aspect.
  • It keeps the kids in a happy mood as it releases endorphins which are feel-good hormones.
  • Kids get strong immunity.
  • The cholesterol level of the children remains under control. 
  • Exercise strengthens the lungs of the kids.
  • Youngsters can get rid of obesity.
  • The bone and brain health of the children get improved.
  • Various types of cancers can be prevented through exercise.
  • There will be no cardiovascular problems and the heart health of the children will remain problem-free.
  • Exercises regulate blood pressure in kids.
  • It promotes better sleep.
  • Exercise is a good memory-booster and keeps the health of the brain good.
  • It removes bad hormones and releases good hormones.
  • Exercises immune the children to fight against various allergies and infections.
  • It aids in better blood circulation and infuses more oxygen in the blood. 

Do you know these facts?

# Only 1 in 3 kids remain physically active each day.

# There are approximately 14.4 million obese children in India.

# Teenagers spend over 7 hours every day on phones, TV, computer, etc. for learning and entertainment.

# Children, nowadays, spend less than 50% of the time in physically active sports and physical education classes.

# Kids who are overweight possess 70% chance of becoming obese adults. 

How to make your child physically strong?

Note: On an average, a child must do physical exercise for one hour per day.

List of exercises for kids

Type of ExerciseBenefits
SwimmingFree from obesity
Good as breathing exercise
Builds endurance and strong muscle
Improves digestion
SkatingMakes thigh, shin, and hip muscles strong
Builds focus and stability
Excellent aerobic exercise
CyclingReleases feel-good hormones
Lowers blood pressure and cholesterol
Controls blood sugar level
Sheds off extra weight
Builds hip, thigh, and shin muscles
Improves blood circulation, heart and brain health
SkippingStronger muscles for kids, especially leg, thigh, and calf muscles
Great exercise for children with ADHD
Channelizes the kids’ energy in the right direction
JoggingDevelops better immunity in children
Good for brain and heart health
One of the best cardio exercises for kids
Elevates mood
DancingWhole body fun and creative workout
A proven way of how to get teenager to exercise
Helps in losing body fat
Improves concentration, critical thinking ability, and creativity
Stairs climbingExcellent breathing exercise
Builds stamina
Removes extra fat from the body
Great for heart and bone health of kids
BasketballImproves strength of upper arms
Improves endurance and stamina in kids
Maintains body weight
Tones the body
Games that involve runningBurn excess body fat
Tone muscles
Improve heart health
BadmintonDevelops muscles
Whole body exercise
Improves hand-eye coordination
Teaches social skills to kids

How can you make your children do exercise? (Ways to get started in a positive way)

Consult with a doctor:

A general physician or a pediatrician can understand your child very well and suggest the right kind of exercise suitable for him or her.

Plan and find a place:

You must make sure that there is a convenient place for your kid to exercise. Schedule a time for the little one.

Opt for fun activities:

Children may get bored if you set strict exercise routines for them. Hence, you must find out fun exercises that they can enjoy. Join your baby in the fun games involving physical activities and spend quality time together.

Choose age-appropriate exercises:

There are certain exercises that are not appropriate for little kids. For example, weight lifting or 3 mile running is not right for kids of 7-8 years old. But, you can insist on them on swimming, cycling, and games involving running.

Note: Always check the surroundings as crimes have increased everywhere. You must ensure that the children’s play zones are safe. Do not pressurize your child to do strenuous exercises. Monitor the little one in order to safeguard him/ her from getting hurt. In case, the weight of your kid drops below average, consult with a pediatrician. 

How to make your child physically strong?

How to get stronger as a teenager?

The main thing that a teenager must do is get moving and be active. Today’s teenagers are mostly into the computer and mobile games while munching junk food and fries. It makes them obese, unhealthy, and weak.  Among 5 to 19-year-old children in India, the range of obesity is between 3.6 and 11.7%. As per the prediction, there will be 17 million obese children in India by 2025. 

Hence, you must include exercises in your child’s daily routine. It can be of any form like a sport, gym workouts, dance, gymnastics, etc. 

Best tips for teenagers:

Champs! You have become quite old to understand that physical exercise is extremely important for you for your overall development. Hence, don’t leave the task up to your parents to push you to do some movements. Do it yourself for your own sake.

Be positive and enjoy:

A positive mind is important. So, find an activity that makes you happy. If you get bored doing exercise alone, join your friend, sibling, or a club where there are other people like you doing the same activities.

Take one step at a time:

Don’t rush to do everything together. Start with a single step. Do small things like walking to the grocery store to buy groceries and come back, take stairs instead of the lift, ride bicycles often than automatic vehicles, walk every day, etc.

Warm up before exercise:

Do not forget to do a warm-up before any exercise. It will protect you against injury. Stretch out after exercises for cooling down your muscles. 

Always do exercises that increases your heart rate:

Choose activities that increase your heart rate meaning you should breathe harder. It improves your fitness level helping you in several ways physically and mentally. 

Give atleast an hour everyday:

Give 1 hour for your exercise every day if not more. 

Best health tips for teenagers:

  • Watch less television and Netflix.
  • Play less video or computer games.
  • Eat at least 3 healthy meals per day. Include fruits, green vegetables, dairy products like milk, yogurt in your diet.
  • Lower your intake of soft drinks.
  • Don’t smoke, do drugs, and drink alcohol (Don’t fool yourself by indulging in bad addiction for a few minutes’ pleasure. It will harm your entire life)
  • Sleep at least for 8-9 hours daily (sleep early at night and rise early in the morning).
  • Drink lots of water.
  • Eat less fast and junk food (We know you love them, but, if you want to stay handsome or beautiful and super healthy, then minimize your consumption of street junks).

What is the minimum age to go to the gym?

Want to be a dude or a diva? Looking forward to making your friends jealous of your great physique? Aspiring to become a social media influencer with your lovely body?

We know you are secretly planning to join a gym. But are you old enough to be in a professional gym?

Let’s find out.

You can start exercising in a gym when you become 17 or 18 years old. 

But remember, the gym is not about muscle building or weight lifting. Remember, gym workouts are intense, and you need special supervision to avoid any injury or trouble. Proper gym exercises can give you a strong, lean or muscular, slim or robust, and healthy physique.

Again, from the time you take birth to your teenager, your muscles grow stronger and larger continuously. By the time, you become 17 or 18 years old, your body matures enough to tolerate strenuous exercises that usually happen in a gym. Experts suggest that 18 years or more is the right age for starting building muscles in a gym. 

Note: Never do any exercise in a gym without the guidance of a trainer.


How to gain muscle for skinny kids?

  • Skinny kids must do strengthening exercises including weight lifting and push-ups. Weight lifting should be included after your child reaches 17-18 years of age to avoid any trouble.
  • Drinking lots of natural fruit juice (without added sugar) and low-fat milk helps.
  • Add good fats like peanut butter, olive oil, avocado, nuts, egg yolk, etc. to your skinny child’s diet.
  • Don’t let your kid skip meals.
  • Let him or she enjoy bigger portions like a large fruit, a big bowl of cereals, etc.
  • Increase the calorie intake of your child and check his/her exercise routine, otherwise, the kid will bulk up instead of gaining muscles. 

How do I toughen up my son?

Toughening up your son doesn’t only mean making him super strong so that he can fight against the notorious kid in school who bullies him. Toughening up means getting physically and mentally boosted, possessing great thoughts, improved creativity, and critical thinking ability, and to cope up with the surroundings and new things that he faces every day with positivity and confidence. 

Suggesting you some interesting points:

  • Teach basic skills to your son or daughter. Basic skills include riding a bicycle, swimming, answering a phone, and martial art (basic self-defense so that he or she can protect himself or herself during trouble.
  • Let them try new things like involving them in different sports to acquire various life skills like discipline, remaining calm during stress, brotherhood, team management, time management, friendship, etc. along with getting physically active and strong.
  • Advise them to raise their voice against any misdeed. These days, child abuse is on a high rise. Tell your son or daughter not to tolerate any kind of creepy behavior of any other kid or an adult.
  • Teach them basic skills like cooking, preparing themselves properly if the weather is bad, cleaning home, washing clothes, moving alone with caution, keeping emergency contact numbers for sudden needs, etc. Prepare your son and daughter for the complexities of life. 


A physically strong child is mentally happy too. He/she is immune against infections caused by viruses like Covid 19 and others. Moreover, he/she won’t fall sick easily and can lead most of the time learning and doing valuable things that will help the young person to grow into a mature and responsible citizen.