How do basketball players grow so tall | Can basketball make you taller?

Height plays a significant role in the game of basketball. More height helps the players in reaching the basket easily, it helps them score more and also helps in blocking shots as well as in rebounds. 

Scouts look for tall candidates when they are looking to make a team. Proper height can propel your way into playing basketball professionally. Proper height can be achieved in many ways, exercises, nutrition, and certain supplements help with this. 

Most of the professionals in basketball are above 6″6 in height. Some are tall because of genetics as their parents were tall. And some have put in a great deal of work in reaching that height through various methods. 

How do basketball players grow so tall

Basketball players are often tall due to their genes. Though they take many different ingredients and supplements that help them boost their height. Professionals of this sport put a great deal of time into training their bodies in order to promote their height and that is why basketball players are usually taller than other people. 

Be it male or female players, a combination of a lot of exercises, good genetics and a number of ingredients help the players to become taller than the average population.

Basketball player’s height secrets.

Professionals of the sport train over 6 hours a day and such intense physical activity helps the body grow efficiently from an early age. Jumping to the basket and stretching the body in that manner all the time does have its impact in increasing height but that alone isn’t enough to obtain maximum results. 

Professional players spend a lot of time in the gym, lifting weights and this in turn boosts the level of testosterone in their body. Increased levels of testosterone promote growth. Apart from all the exercises and training, one other secret is that the players consume a variety of supplements and maintain their nutrition. This too plays a prime role in the development of the body. 

HGH (Human Growth Hormone), is a popularly used product that helps players grow faster. A lot of people believe that professionals of the sport take HGH secretly. HGH boosts height by supporting the cells of growth hormones. It does have certain side effects, it can affect the overall health of a player and isn’t completely safe to use. 

However, the professionals have a huge financial interest in the sport, they receive very high payments and many of them neglect the side effects of HGH and certain other supplements and take a risk to play more efficiently and to be at the top of their game. 

Basketball exercises to grow taller:

Stretching exercises when performed with persistence and patience helps in efficiently increasing height. The results take longer to show effect and won’t come overnight. You ought to give your maximum to obtain the best results. Professionals of the sport invest a significant amount of time stretching their bodies from head to toe on a daily basis. 

Swimming is also a great physical activity as it naturally needs your body to stretch in order to swim. Swimming forces the entire body to stretch, it requires your hands to go ahead and also stretches the legs as well. Swimming when practiced daily can help in increasing your height.

Certain yoga positions also allow you to let your body perform maximum stretching. The cobra posture is one such position to practice. In this posture, you need to touch the floor gently with your forehead while putting your chest and toes in a horizontal position. Then you ought to put your hands by your chest and move your elbow up simultaneously. Then push the ground with your hands while pulling your shoulders and chest up. Hold for ten seconds then repeat. This when combined with other yoga postures can yield maximum results for you.

There are many other yoga postures that can also boost height, this was one such example of what to do to grow your height. Hanging exercises and stretching on rods are also useful for this purpose and there aren’t any side effects to such exercises, though you should warm up your body and muscles before starting heavy stretching to avoid injuries.

Are basketball players naturally tall?

Genetics does play an important role for all people. A large number of players are genetically tall people, yet they keep training for extensive periods everyday, take different supplements for the overall development and general health. It is a very demanding task to be a professional basketball player, it requires one to be fully committed to the game.

However, there exist players that are not tall. A minor portion of the players are such and they are very skilled and efficient with the ball. Tall people have the advantage under the basket as they can reach it easily. Which is why scouts are always on the lookout for tall players. 

Moreover, scientists claim that they know only 23% of the height genes in humans. So it is still not very clear how people are of many different sizes. 

Can food and vitamins make you taller?

The primary vitamins required in a human body are the most essential ones as they support the general activity of the body and also take care of the overall physical health. 

Vitamins B1, B2, C, and D need to be consumed on a daily basis to have an impact on your height. This can increase your chances of growing taller. Additionally, calcium is good for bones. Bones become stronger when the body has enough calcium regularly.

Foods rich in proteins are also good when it is about height. Protein-rich foods boost the muscle and support its growth. Though genetics play a vital role without the right nutrition it cannot be fully used. So you have got to be conscious of your food.

Can shorter players make it?

Human heights are decreasing generation by generation. But the global reach and certain families give a lot of tall players the chance to make it to premier basketball leagues. The current average height is well below 6″7. It isn’t clear how higher the height may go. 

Taller players with minimal training can succeed in basketball as long as they are committed to the fundamentals. Heights is a boon for aspirants though dozens of people have succeeded being below 6″0 in height. It all boils down to how hungry a player is, and having an extra foot of height doesn’t hurt. 


Is it possible to increase your height?

In order to increase height, you must be in proper physical training, you need to take the right supplements, have regular exercise, and promote muscle growth. Genetics does play a vital role. But with the help of experts and professionals, you can increase your chances of growing faster. 

Who is the tallest basketball player?

It’s Gheorghe Muresan and Manute Bol, they both are 7″7 tall.

How to increase height fast?

  • Proper diet.
  • Regular exercise.
  • Maintenance of physical health.
  • Right amount of sleep.
  • And patience.

Are there any online products that help increase height?

You can check out the following products from Amazon that can help you let you increase your height.

Hanging bar: 

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Genetics have the most significant role to play when it comes to increasing height. Scientists are yet to discover how they play such an important role. However being tall comes with a lot of other difficulties. Tall kids tend to be unhappy because of their height, tall people need a longer bed, bigger cars, economy flights tickets are a nightmare for the taller ones, they tend to have a back issue due to their tall height, etc. 

The height makes the tall basketball players a fortune as they usually earn a lot. If you have aspirations then take care of your diet and exercise extensively. Hope this article has taken care of all your questions regarding the height of basketball players.

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