What can a child gain from outdoor activities?

Engaging children in outdoor activities at the early stages allows them to show self-efficacy, get aerobic exercise, develop brain, coordination, and muscle tone through play. What can a child gain from outdoor activities? Outdoor activities are a perfect chance for children to use their imagination and creativity to build wonderful and believe worlds. Adequate outdoor play … Read more

Nature Adventure Camp: Benefits | Activities | Everything About it:

Nature Adventure Camp

Summer is the time of the year when everyone is looking to escape from routine activities. Especially for the parents, it is a challenging period for them to keep their kids engaged. With so many avenues and activities are opening for the kids. However; picking the suitable one always seems to be overwhelming. Nature Adventure … Read more

Survival Camp For Kids and Young Teenagers: Importance | Benefits | Activities:

survival camp

Getting children interested in outdoor bushcraft and survival skills has been one of the major goals of my career, and there is a lot of evidence that outdoor activities are enormously beneficial to young growing kids. If you are looking to enroll your teenage kids into survival camp, it is important that you too know … Read more

Nature Camp Activities For Kids: How Nature Camps Benefit Children?

Nature Camps

Kids’ nature camps can have a transformational effect on your children’s overall development Environmental degradation, profound aggressiveness among children, and childhood obesity are the common social problems that make our children unconnected with nature. Ecopsychology and neuroscience make the child connect with nature. Adapting to a physical activity makes a huge impact on children’s mental … Read more

How Can A International Student Travel to Other Countries for Education?

International student travel

As a student, you have plenty of things on your plate to do. A dream to explore the world on international student travel, a bucket list to backpacking to corners of the country, a never-ending interest to experience new cultures, foods, languages heritages, and living a gypsy life are all very common in every student’s … Read more

How An Outdoor Adventure Camp Helped Me to Discover My Passion -. The story of a teenager

Outdoor camp

“Nothing is as important as passion. No matter what you want to do with your life, be passionate.” I believe in this quote by Bon Jovi.  Jon Bon Jovi Before we proceed further into my story of how I discovered my passion for photography, let me introduce myself.  Hi! I am Anjali, a student of … Read more