23 Best Adventure Activities All Students Should Know About & Start Exploring


Are you curious to proceed ahead for adventure activities?

Do you want to explore the magic of adventure during your seasonal tours?

Are you getting bored with continuous studies and curious to explore the extent of outdoor visits?

Being ahead of the same, these are more frequently considered as the fun camping games to refresh the student’s mindsets.

We at Pencil Voyages always prioritize the seasonal tours for the students to develop creativity and awareness based skills. The well crafted touring strategies designed by us help students run away from depression and anxiety-like disorders. Moreover, they feel motivated, independent, energized, and well organized to face outdoor challenges efficiently.

Amazing Benefits of Adventure Activities

  • Personality development: The personality obviously develops spontaneously with outdoor touring activities. It lets the students develop self-confidence and creativity by turning the things positively surrounding him.
  • Physical Development: A well-known proverb stands true in this case, ‘A sound mind in a sound body’. Proper body coordination is maintained with outdoor gaming and tours. The creativity and grabbing capacity of the mind gets developed exceptionally as never before.
  • Mental exercise: The outdoor touring and camping utilizing technological aspects like GPS increases the level of intelligence. The mind is relaxed and simultaneously feels free to explore the desired stuff without any disturbance. Such mental exercise is beneficial in the long run.
  • Work productivity boosts up: The students being regularly engaged in such outdoor stuff tends to be more creative than the others. They feel a kind of mental relaxation relieving stressful situations. This further helps organizations boost their businesses as well.
  • Development of social skills: Adventurous activities develop social skills under a particular student. Pencil Voyages dedicatedly teaches several stress-relieving skills. It lets the student’s ability to get mixed with the outdoor community and develop an unbreakable bond.
  • Environmental awareness-based skills: The tours let the students discover the natural beauty and uncover their environmental awareness based issues. They learn new strategies to save and protect the environment and spread this training in their societies.
  • Public speaking skills: The students are most often seem to be introvert and never feel independent in expressing the views publically. The outdoor touring campaigns interact with the people with engaging public speeches.

The students find themselves competent enough in expressing their views publically and taking up their confidence as well. They are taught the value of sharing, cooperating and problem-solving simultaneously.

In addition to the above, there exist several unmatched benefits for the students. The students opting for regular adventurous activities can act smartly, sleep better, develop family bonds, remain less stressed and live longer with a joyful lifestyle.

Pencil Voyages is dedicated to prioritize the outdoor student’s activities and let the students feel the joy of freedom and unmatched happiness. We have been successful in building the student’s trust with us with the unmatched outdoor activity hours.

Adventure Activities All Students Should Know About & Start Exploring:

  • The entire set of below-listed adventure activities is prioritized by Pencil Voyages to fulfill the student’s adventure desires.
  • Let us have a look and understand the organized outdoor refreshing activities in detail.


It is better to organize a picnic event for a combined meet-up. Students most often feel bored after consistent months of studies and examinations. Scheduling a picnic works as a get together for the students making them fluent in communications as well. Such an activity relieves stress, develops positivity, helps build motivation, make stronger bonds, experience rejuvenation, increases fluency level, etc. to name a few.

Tree Camping:

Camping on the ground is not that appealing for the new generation. It is better to upgrade the camping desires and admire something new. The activity is enough in providing additional thrills and complete mind satisfaction.

Kite flying:

This act will let the youths indulged in strong bonds of friendship. Moreover, it will even be helpful to keep yourself fit, fine and ever grooming.


Those were the days when teens used to love cycling. It is really better to come up with such an idea of a long way of cycling. Cycling is considered one of the best body exercises. Simultaneously, the act provides a thrill and adventure while roaming on the way with cycles.


Hiking is another outdoor activity for the youths making them inclined to appreciate nature. With the activity, you are on the way to win the outdoor activity jackpot. Planning the hiking activity along with the group lets the friends enjoy and learn simultaneously.

River Rafting:

River rafting has ever been the most loved activities for the teens. Pencil Voyages dedicatedly focus on such outdoor activities for boosting up the internal desires. Moreover, every single student prioritizes this adventure activity. River rafting boats are hired with the master trainers to let the students enjoy and learn the secrets of the thrilling act.

Dodge Ball:

This adventure activity involves the act of throwing balls into one another. The act can be scheduled as the sea beaches and focus on engaging entire group students. Girls and boys are free to play together or separately as per their desires. The scheduling organization focuses to build stringer interrelationships among students and staff as well.

Joint Plantation Activity:

We all know the consistent imbalance in the surroundings due to a rapid cut-off of the trees. It is better to train the students and motivate them towards saving the environment. During the vacations, a schedule of joint plantation activity can be done. A visit to the place can be scheduled for performing the act. Educational institutions, companies or the specific areas should be focused where such an act is required.


Skydiving is an everlasting act of thrill loved by the students of all age groups. Accordingly, such an event should be scheduled in the hill stations for experiencing the joy.

Mountain Riding:

This act is an ever-loving outdoor adventure activity by the teens all around. However, the schedule must be organized with proper team management. Moreover, there should be a provision of master trainers and resources during the continuation of the trip. The students should be lashed sufficiently with the safety equipment during the tour. It will make them confident enough during the riding process.


You should forget the act of walking like a dumb in the sands. The sandboarding activity is here to make the students entertained around the desert by regularly sliding downhill on a sandboard. Dubai, Australia like the city is most famous for such an act by the students all around the globe. You are free to climb the deadly volcanoes and wonder the moon-like landscapes of Australia’s Pinnacle desert.

Bungy jumping:

This is another most thrilling outdoor activity. The act will permit you to face the death-defying plunge across several locations all over the world. However, it is a little bit risky as well and never suggested for the students without their parent’s consent. Extra safety measures are there for risk-free adventures, yet long height jumping may scream you.


Caves are the ever ending thrilling desires for the students. The schedules can be planned for exploring the unexplored caves all around the world. It will let the students learn the archaeological ethics concerned with the caves. Additionally, the students will enjoy the adventure exceptionally. Resources are suggested to be kept and the touring guide will be an added advantage to learn while roaming. Caving tours in Indian locations including the states of Maharashtra, Gujrat, Uttarakhand, are always known to be most thrilling for the students.


Paragliding is adventurous, thrilling and screaming as well for the newbie. Students showing keen desires can frequently be exposed to such activity without any fear factor. It lets the students feel the joy of floating in the mid-air by harnessing the wind power for propelling the parachute. Jumping from a big height of over 5000 feet at least is really terrifying for scary individuals. Girls are even showing deep interest within this outdoor act.

Hang Gliding:

You are free to swoop and dive similar to a bird with the feel of fresh air enjoyment. High cliffs and strong winds in the targeted locations are perfect for performing individuals. Pencil Voyages most often plans such outdoor adventure tours to make the students chilled and maximize enjoyment levels.

Sky Swinging:

This sky swinging activity will make you feel like a modern-day Tarzan. You will be hanged from the harness and ready to explore the forests at about 100KMPH speeds. However, the necessary training with the expert master trainer is obvious which we target. This act of thrilling is suitable for the adventure of loving students without screaming nature.


Parasailing is an act of thrill where the person is towed behind the boat inside the river attached with a well-designed canopy like wing flood attached to a parachute. The scenario seems extremely thrilling for the adventure of loving students. Thrill, action, adventure with Superman-like enjoyment boosts up the confidence level exceptionally.

Glacier Climbing:

The name itself resembles the secret hidden behind the act of thrill. The individuals are guided with the master trainer to perform such an act of thrill. They are exposed to the places lashed with icy ridges, deep crevices, like places for maximum adventures.


Skiing is available all over the world preferably at mountain ranges and hill stations. The game of adventure is thrilling for the students with safety assurance as well.

Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand like places in India is prioritized by us for letting the students enjoy maximum thrills. It is preferably a winter sport where the participants use skis to glide over the snow.

Several competitive events are also organized by top-level organizations including IOC, FIS, etc. In addition, to merely enjoy the act of adventure, our students are trained to participate as well and win the series.

Deep-sea fishing:

We schedule the student’s tours and permit them to explore the sea with big boats. Deep-sea fishing activity lets the students hunt for their lunch and dinner themselves. They are taught the key secret of fishing under the deep sea level for maximizing the joy and enjoying this adventure activity.

Bike Tours:

Motorbikes are the everlasting love of youths all across the world. We schedule the group motorbike tours to long-distance places.

Student’s biking expertise is deeply evaluated by our master trainers and accordingly, they are selected for the long way visits. We most often focus on the hill stations, mountain ranges, archaeological places while going to long distant motorbike tours.

Soon after reaching the place, we schedule the visits to caves, mountains, and other unexplored places for boosting the knowledge base as well.

People Meeting:

Our organization always lets the students learn while enjoying activities as well. They are taught to explore the hidden secrets and create an example during adventurous visits. For the same sake, we plan to visit the Andaman Nicobar islands and other concerned places to meet the people and understand their lifestyle. Moreover, they are even supported with our maximum efforts to make their lives happy, productive, joyous and enjoying.

Bridge Climbing:

Students are given special training to climb over the big bridges and maximize their joy of adventure. It is a little risky but most thrilling for the adventure-loving guys. Enough resources, security, and safety are provided for hassle-free enjoyment.


To sum up, every single act listed above should be prioritized for maximum adventure during the seasonal study breaks. We, at Pencil Voyages always understand and prioritize the adventurous activities for building up the student’s consciousness and overall development.

Join us for living your life best of the levels and groom-up your outdoor adventure activities. Our acts of exceptional outdoor touring have made us popular among families and institutions. The consistent word-of-mouth popularity, as well as a huge online search, is an example of our quality.

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